Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Junk Bonanza Pictures!!!

Lazy Day Farms... no time for lazy days
at the Junk Bonanza!  

A window cupboard my husband built. 
We took two double window cupboards
& two single window cupboards. 
Wish we would of taken more! 

A little cowboy display.

Another cupboard my husband built 
around an old screen door. It is going to
a young teens room & will be re-painted
How cute will that be!

Vintage orange jute... a favorite.

Anything with a silver patina was 
a wanted item!

A very fun turquoise scale!

Votive cup stakes. 
Can you guess what the wire holder 
was for in it's original function?
 They Sold Out early!
I'm making more for our Holiday show!

Little wiggly tail puppy went to a new home.
Old film reels went home with Margo to Texas.
Wonder what she'll do with them? 

Word of inspiration!

These were just a few of the junkin' items we
took to the Bonanza. More posts to come of
other vendor's booths & the "Coral"! 
Watch for the story of the missing cake!


  1. What great cupboards! I'll bet they flew out of there. Can't wait to see more, Dawn

  2. Loved the pickup truck on the counter with your cards in it. You always put that special touch on everything.

  3. I'm in love... I could spend hours here just looking at everything!!!