Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can't Wait for Spring!

I admit I have taken advantage of my long winter's nap from The Whistle Stop! Although I still work my "regular" job at school each day the creative side of me has been hibernating with the bears this winter! I need SPRING! The warmth, the sun, the colors of spring!  My craft room is in desperate need of organization from the aftermath of the Holiday season so, I decided I needed to create a little "spring" inspiration to motivate me.

It was the start I needed, along with going on a little shopping spree at The Whistle Stop! I brought home a few things that helped with organizing "stuff". All those things you need for creating. I bought this antique green tote with the intentions of keeping it. Well, I always feel like the shop needs it more so, I took it in to sell. It DIDN'T!!! So, I guess it was meant to be mine! And it's working out great for odds & ends of "needful" things! 

A good friend gave me this "scrapbooking" organizer for Christmas. She's seen my craft room during the Holiday season! :) It's called Clip it Up. It has been the most handy organizer. As I find stickers, brads, scrabble pieces etc. in my endless piles I just clip it on the rack and it has an instant home! No digging through drawers to find all those little things. (sorry, I can't figure out how to get more pic's on here. I'll try and figure it out and get the rest of them up.)

It's amazing what you'll find when you get to the bottom of the tubs! I found some watercolor spring pict.'s I did last year but never framed. I stuck them on my dry erase board to remind me Spring shows are coming and I'd better get this room ready to work!