Sunday, January 28, 2018

... 2018 plans


We hope the New Year is treating you well!

the why... the when... and the how. 

As I evaluated this past year and soul searched what 
I wanted 2018 to look like for The Whistle Stop I came 
up with a list of the things I love to do and things 
I “not so much” love to do! Truth be told after 24 years 
I’m a little burnt out… and it shows!  

What I know is… I’m a planner (and also a procrastinator!) 
I like to hunt for vintage goods and find the one 
special piece that sparks a theme to create creative 
displays for the shop! Curating a shop full of 
wonderful vintage & handmade goods with a 
sprinkle of market wares mixed in so that our 
customers will find inspiration when they visit 
is the end goal! And hopefully find something 
they can’t leave with out! So, I guess the real end
goal is that we get customers in the door and 
that they leave a few of their hard earned pennies 
behind (on something they absolutley love!)  so that we 
can remain in business!

Times have changed… where we used to be one 
of handful of vintage, handmade shops in the 
area one can now find a pop up vintage market 
just about any weekend, in any near by town.
I used to say… “send a postcard and they will come!” 
And come you did! — and lined up down the block! 
Online sales and discount home decor stores make it 
hard for ma and pa shops to compete. Many (not all!) of our 
long time (note, I didn’t say old!) loyal customers are at 
stages of their lives where they are down sizing 
and not collecting more things! 
Shoppers now have so many choices where to 
spend their time and their pennies!  
Bottom line— it’s getting tough to own a 
brick and mortar. So, what’s an older, burnt out 
ma and pa to do? 

Carry on!… some way, some how! 
(my new motto... and a post for another day!)
Because it’s our 25th year and it’s 
no time to quit!
We just need to change it up, put the fun back in!

In order to slow down the pace, have more 
time to hunt, rescue and make 
we have chosen to go back 
to events only! 
Our 2018 calendar is now on paper!

We want you to know we appreciate each and 
everyone of you who continue to love the 
“SToP” and support this little dream of ours 
called— The Whistle Stop. 

the first half of the year


Sunday, January 21, 2018

plans in the works...

Coming soon... details of what
2018 will look like for 
The Whistle Stop!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

... winter's nap!

Hello Whistle Stop Friends!

Just an FYI...
The "SToP" is taking a little winter's nap!

Our plan is to be open at the latest
by February 10th for 
Olde Towne Elkhorn's 
Ladies Day Out!

We will keep you posted!
2018 plans coming soon!!!