Thursday, September 24, 2015

The ultimate junk show on earth...

In the middle of the city 
sits an old dairy farm.
It sat quiet until a friend 
had a brillant idea! 
Sara Alexander had a love of junk
and wanted to bring fellow junkers
together for an opportunity to 
sell their wares. 
Brainstorming she thought...
an old dairy farm, crowds of people,
music... sounds a lot like Woodstock! 
So why not 
... and the name was genius! 

From the very first show the 
crowds lined up!
And they've grown each and every show!

(our booth June 2012)

The "SToP" was fortunate to be part
of JUNKSTOCK from it's beginnings!

(our booth October 2012)

(our booth June 2013)

The show has grown to 165+ vendors!
You'll find raw junk, repurposed junk,
handmade vintage style goods, 13+ bands,
and lots of good food!
Not to mention you'll meet a lot 
of creative vendors from all over 
the country! 


(our booth October 2013)

(our booth June 2014)

(our booth October 2014)

(our booth June 2015) 

Creativity abounds at JUNKSTOCK!
You never know what Sara will
come up with for the next event!

(the love shack we help to create!)

Friends come from near & far to the 
greatest Junk show on earth! 

Mark your calendars, set your alarms
to wake up and smell the Junk
October 9,10,11! 

Grab your junkin' buddies and
hang a sign on your door that
says you've gone junkin'! 

192nd & Dodge
Omaha NE 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

our new look...

Lovin' our new farmhouse 
walls in the shop!