Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a little story…

A word of encouragement from a 6 year old! 

Yesterday was proving to be a challenging day… woke up to a couple of unwelcome financial surprises. (Like who knew there was a propane shortage??? not we! It went up $1.30 in the last week! And they'll only come out for 125 gallons, which means over $800.00! No propane means too cold in the workshop to work (note: Whistle Stop opens in 9 days… need product & Rescued Furniture ASAP!, which means frozen pipes!(note: going to be -3 tonight)

Now for the rest of the story…
Playing with my grandson last night, we were building Lincoln Logs and they kept falling apart and after rebuilding a few times I asked him if he wanted to put them away and do something else. 
He said, "Grandma, you know you don't ever give up!" 


Awe, just what I needed!

Lesson… have a rough day, make a play date with a 6 year old!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


  …for Top Ten Display Ideas! 

I'm always searching for inspiration for projects & displays.
As a shop owner & vendor at other promoters shows
we always try to come up with eye catching, creative  
and cohesive displays for our events! 
I do admit  time, energy & funds don't 
always co-inside with our ideas…
but, we do always try our best dream up a fun
space for the customers to see & get inspired! 


So, what makes an eye catching, creative & cohesive display? 

Let's take a look at these displays and see what's making them a top ten!

Display 101…

photo credit

Here Faded Plains set a darling table. Andrea's French, farmhouse color 
pallet of soft whites, weathered grays & lavender blended beautifully.
Having signage as to who you are at a show is so important!
This handmade chalkboard sign so fits her style! 

Display 101…

complementing colors… cohesive style… signage that shows her style…

photo credits 

This display at the Barnhouse Market is so fun!
 The warm patina on the tractor in the front of the display 
& on the barn like structure in the back balance each other.
The live plants fit the outdoor motif and add a bit of
softness against the hard metal of the tractor. 
Straw on the grounds around the display make you 
feel you are down home on the farm! 

Display 101…

co-ordinating farm theme… balance of color… organic materials 

photo credits 

This is another photo from one of Barnhouse Markets.

Although the display isn't finished in this photo, you can already see that  
they have gone the distance with this display! 
It has…
height, drawing your eye up… (the structure & items added on top)  
balance… (white drapes & windows on each side)
organic materials… (straw in the carrier's, grass on the roof)
signage… (sparrow sign)
cohesive items… (barn like structure, farm goods, natural color pallet)

Display 101…

 balance… height… organic materials… signage… cohesiveness
(Can't you just picture taking a ride down a country road 
on that bicycle, seeing chickens on the farm & birds chirping in the trees?!) 

 In these displays the designers have 
 put in the effort…
 spent the time…
 Gone the extra mile! 

Maybe some people wouldn't get as excited over these displays as I do 
simply because the subject matter isn't what they desire!
No matter the product that is being displayed if it's displayed
in a creative way, rather than laying flat on a table it's sure
to draw the customers attention! 
Making the show the talk of the town!

This is what we hope for the Whistle Stop's events this year! 
Making our displays creative (as our energy, time & budget will allow. lol!)
so that our customers enjoy coming, tell their friends & come back for more! 

Off to dream up some wonderful displays! 
2014 show schedule is still in the planning stage…
On the horizon is…

Shopkeeper & Friends Market
Rescued Furniture Show
Many Olde Towne Elkhorn Ladies' Day Out events
a couple of other ideas we're dreaming of! 
Stay tuned! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I played…
(in my p.j.'s all day… please don't tell on me!)  

(vintage door knob photo holder & conversation cards)

Making the sample 
for our class. 
Made with Love

Creativity is Contagious…
                             pass it on.

 -Albert Einstein

I also started printing
my line of mini 
 flashback flash cards!
Set #1

Set #2

 Set #3

I found this little industrial 
cutter at the Good Will!
I wasn't sure what I'd use it 
for but, to a crafter I knew 
I could figure out something!
It will be a little labor
intensive to cut each flashcard
one at a time!… but, it will be worth 
it because they sure are cute! 
That stack of paper you see to 
the left equals 1728 single cards! 
That's a lot of handle pulling!

Here are the details on our class!
(shhh… don't tell anyone or the classes 
will fill up before you have the chance 
to get your space reserved! 
The "mr." will be making his famous 
chocolate cake just for class participants!)

To check out the other Olde Towne Shopkeeper's classes

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Need to beat the winter blues?

We have just the thing!

Sign up for creative classes with
the Shopkeeper's of Olde Towne Elkhorn!

Reserve your spot early… space is limited! 
Check out the class schedule

details for The Whistle Stop's class

If classes aren't for you, just come & browse the shops!
See what's new, have a snack 
& enjoy a little time beating the winter blues!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Make wonderful 
memories in 2014!