our story

How did a Southern California 
beach girl end up in the Midwest?... 

    Born a long time ago, to midwest parents that  transplanted themselves to California, I grew up in the sixties and seventies in So. Cal where the weather was warm, the skies were blue and the beach was my playground!  Now that was a GOOD LIFE! 
My Grandma “O” and Camp Fire Girls (my family used to say, What comes after CFG for Laurie???... the answer... marriage, because I was in it so long!) is where my interest for handcrafts and “old things” came to be.  I married my JUNIOR high school sweet heart at the young age of 21, had two boys and was living happily ever after. An antiquing trip to the midwest gave us the bug to leave the now very populated California for a simpler life.

    My family moved to Elkhorn in 1992.  I can remember driving over the rolling hills (it’s not all flat!) and thinking, I live where there are cows!  I would roll down the window to smell the country in the air and knew that this was the next chapter of  “THE GOOD LIFE” ! We opened a little country store in an old gas station 1993, I went back to work as a Para in Special Education in 2002 and continued to both until just 2011.(This is where my, I am “old” comments came to be!)  

    Our kids are grown, and working on dreams of their own. Omaha and Elkhorn have merged becoming more big city like and making a living means less time for the playground, whether it be at the beach or a country drive visiting with the cows. Creating and decorating for the Whistle Stop provides me a place to play. One thing I have figured out in my “older age” is that following dreams, whether they come to light or not, makes life’s journey the biggest and best PLAYGROUND!  Some times it’s a heck of a roller-coaster ride and you just have to throw your hands in the air, scream and enjoy the ride!

    Until a new dream takes you to the next exciting chapter in your life... take time to play and make everyday life your PLAYGROUND...
  Laurie   :)

added note... 
    The “Mr.” now plays a big part in the 
creating for the WS!   His Rescued 
Furniture & repurposed goods are center
stage at the “SToP”!                                           
            Ya, that’s him... 
            in his high school, 
            surfer days in California!

                             Now it’s ... our story!                                        

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