Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Office Move...

... across the room!

I moved my office space in our den from 
one side of the room to the other so
I would have a little more space to 

The challenge was to use what I had. 
So, I dug through my junk and repurposed a 
few things for my organization wall.
I added cork to an old frame & hung it
from cup hooks. I have a pile of clipboards 
so I used them to hold note paper & pictures.

I love these old store ticket holders. I attached
them to an old clip board. Great for holding
notes, lists, pictures and more! 

More to do... but, it's a start!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chocolate Cake...

... will travel!
Only this time it didn't have to go so far!

We've been promising our friend Cammie of
Daffadowndilly's the "Mr.'s" famous 
chocolate cake. 
Some of you may remember the story of 
the one that traveled to the Junk Bonanza
and we never got to eat it.
Since, 2009 we've been telling Cammie & David
when they come to Omaha we'll have cake.
They were vending at the Junque Factory show
near by and so being the kind of guy my "Mr." is,
he baked them a cake and delivered 
it to them at the show!  

I bought this old cake & bread tin
from Cammie years ago for 
a Christmas gift for the "Mr.".

I held the cake on my lap as 
we drove just a couple of miles
to the show. It was tough to keep 
from plucking a few of 
the sugared raspberries right off the top! 

 The cake was served.
And I might add... 
it's all gone!  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Repurposed Project...

Poultry feeder... repurposed.

I wish you could here the sound
of the water bubbling from 
this old feeder. Simply relaxing.

It would make a great conversation piece 
in your city garden or would fit right in on the farm! 

The chickens may think you've 
given them a day at the spa! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls Day Out...

Time is ticking before I head back to school (work)
and it was time to go have some fun! 
A friend and I spent yesterday at a couple of 
antique malls, lunch & her home!
My favorite part of the day! 
She has quite the creative flair decorating with 
old, new, antique, flea market, Good Will finds!  
It had my mind spinning with ideas!  

This little gem she bought at the "SToP"! 
It looked so cute in her home among old books 
& many other typewriters that were focal 
pieces in the room! 

This bird cage was another Whistle Stop
purchase! She added a little tag that read
"fly away home". 
How sweet is that? 

This metal piece was bought at The "SToP's" 
Shopkeeper & Friends Antique & Artisan Market.
She lined the top with vintage brass hose nozzles.

  A stack of books as a floating shelf... 
all graduating sizes, coordinating colors, 
and inspirational titles make it the perfect
resting spot for this little bird & nest. 

Old time card racks were filled with notes,
tags & quotes. Such a fun conversation piece
in the entryway!

I have some new inspiration for my new office space
& projects for the "SToP"!
Creative inspiration is all a girl needs!