Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rescued Furniture...

Rescued Furniture...
... found, given new purpose, new life
and hopefully a new home! 

Thought you might like to see a little bit
of the process our Rescued Furniture!

This tin punched pie safe was in the basement of
a local farmhouse. It had lost it's "bottom" in a 
tornado. All it needed was a little rescuing! 

The start to a new base...

Salvaged old drawers will add some very
functional storage. 

The old top looks at home on 
it's new bottom.

Painted in a barn red with linen drawers.

Wonder walnut shelves with a 
stamped dated manufactures stamp on 
the bottom of one.

This old tin  punched tin is wonderful!

Now at her temporary home at 
The Whistle Stop!
One more piece of lost & forgotten
furniture, rescued & given a new 
purpose in life. All she needs now
is a good & loving home!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Fluff...

The "SToP" was in need of a little 
Spring Fluff... 

 Daisies on old, chippy spindles...
bee hives from recycled fencing...
a coat rack from vintage molding...
a primitive old bench...
pillows made from t-towels...
and "no sting" bees
fluffed up this spring display!

A favorite of mine...
a collage of old door chalkboards,
layered with a few vintage wire wreath forms,
along with a tiered wire rack to hold 
those garden "needfuls"... 
all set among this antique, mission desk. 

Stick & Stones rose-hips with salt dough
bowl fillers. Too cute! 

Doesn't it just give your 
spring fever? 

More pictures on the website...
and hopefully more "spring fluff" 
at the "SToP" by Saturday! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Spring Craft Show...

... DONE! 

And boy am I tired!
A few more pictures are on the website!

10'x8' space... just right for what
we had done! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Could it Mean Spring...

... is here to stay? 
I was out for a walk and what did
I see... but, a little Robin Red Breast!

Sing Mr. Robin ... Sing!
Sing... it's Spring, it's Spring, it's Spring!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pay it Forward... make someone's day!

 I am a big believer in "Karma", 
"Do unto Others", "Pay it Forward" ... 
Do things as best you can, do for those who need help,
give just to give and bring smiles,
send positive thoughts out into the universe!
Sometimes I just need a little bit of a reminder 
to do, to be and to think this way. 

Right now is one of those times. 
I think the winter blues... need Spring badly blues
has taken it's tole. And what did I run 
across today in blog land?...
Just what I needed! 
Jeanne from
 had this post on her blog.
Pay it Forward 2011... 
and here's how it works.

The first five people who comment on this 
blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.
 In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining
Pay It Forward 2011
(don't forget to leave a way I can reach you)

* Then.... send out a handmade gift
to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment on your post. 
Take your don't need to send them all today
or tomorrow. Any time in the next few months.
No pressure. This is to be a joyful experience.

"It's not the size of the gift that matters,
but the spirit of paying it forward."

I hope this little act of kindness will make 
someone's day & the act of paying it forward will 
bring good back your way!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cupboard is Done...

We'll here it is!

The Mr. did a wonderful job! 
Always a little nervous hoping this is
what the customer had in mind! 

Lots and lots of storage!
Adjustable shelves in the interior too!

 Fits pretty well in the "SToP"!
Maybe he'll have to build another one! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's happenin'...

 ... in the Rescued Workshop?

This is!
Thought you might like to see a piece of 
Rescued Furniture in progress.

This is a custom piece for a one of our 
good customers for her new home.
For now it will stow all the kids toys & games...
... later it will hold many primitive treasures! 

Here is the base.  The Mr. starts with old doors
and builds the cupboard with new pine around them.
This cupboard had to be built in two pieces to
fit down the stairs to the basement. 

Here's the base with doors. 

Here it is with the top in place.
Shelves will go in the space to the right
with a wainscot back. 
The customer chose black exterior &
linen interior. More work is being done as
I type. Tonight he is finishing all the 
details, sanding & painting.
Tomorrow sand, stain & lacquer! 

 By Saturday this Rescued Furniture piece
will be in her new home serving her owners 
well for years to come! 
Hope they like!... hope it fits! 

{Finished picture posted soon}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part of the family...

On my 40th birthday I asked for a camera. 
Instead I got a surprise party...
(although it wasn't quite a surprise because 
one of our employees showed up at the 
back door with my birthday cake...
I answered the door!)

... a surprise party and a puppy.
A little black lab pup. 
He joined our yellow lab... Tucker
and our Chocolate lab... Cooper
and became one of the family.

I wanted to name a girl dog, Emma.
Well, he was a boy.
So, instead I would call him Emmet. 
  When I called his name, people
thought I was saying ""!
 Since that wasn't going to work,
I named him Nelson... Mr. Nelson.

He was a loving, face licking puppy.
A lanky, run a muck teenager.
Happy go lucky in his middle age.
And a mellow, easy going old man.

One of a kind...
... miss you already, Mr. Nelson.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rescued Furniture...

 Here is a peak at a few new pieces 
that just arrived at the shop. 

This old mission desk was in 
need of a little TLC.  
A new drawer, a little sanding, 
a coat of stain & lacquer and 
it's ready for a new home!

We were told this desk was an artist desk. 
Not sure why... it has just two little 
drawers, but it does have a nice 
deep surface that would give any 
artist lots of room to be creative! 

This two tier stand was a table 
at one time. With new little 
feet it makes it a fun piece
 with a multiple of uses.
cupcake stand... 
containers for art supplies... 
holiday vignette... 
the possibilities are endless! 

The picture for this settee 
does not do it justice.
An old maple bench now 
painted black & distressed
will make a wonderful 
piece for an entry hall. 

This little charmer is a custom made 
piece for one of our customers. 
She sketched out what she
wanted and the Mr. built it using 
new wood & old drawers. 
Again my photography isn't doing 
the piece justice.  I hope she likes it! 

The workshop is up & running... 
check back to see what's new next week!