Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Home Show...

It's summer alright!
100+ degrees today!
 But the show went on... 
we had the sweet tea cold 
& the air conditioning humming!

a summer welcome

Oops... guess I took this picture before
the tea was poured and the cookies filled! 

time stands still in my garden

summer @ the cabin

gorgeous hutch... one of my favorites
of this show! 

another favorite... just a little rusty green rake

  Rescued Furniture pieces from
the "Mr."! 
The pictures don't do them justice...
it was just too hot out and my camera
kept fogging up.

This piece found a new home today! 

This piece will now hold
home schooling supplies! 

peace to all !

Monday, July 2, 2012

More of JUNKSTOCK...

 ... here are more pictures from 
the weekend of Peace, Love & Junk.
Again sorry these are not edited! 

Lucky you if you were able to attend JUNKSTOCK
and visited Cammie from Daffadowndilly's booth!

She had wonderful things! 

If you missed her you can find her
at the Junk Bonanza in September. 

She always displays with such 
attention to detail... 

that make it such eye candy!  

ReDeux had great things! 

Loved this red urn from the 
Rusty Pumpkin!

I think all us junkers need that
Sanford & Son sign!

Scout Dry Goods vintage trailer 
held resale clothing with style!

This doesn't even begin to show the crowd.

One of Junk Jubilee's owner
sharing some peace & junkin' enthusiasm! 

Heidi from Simply Bungalow (Lincoln)
havin' a junkin' good time!

We end the day with a photo of all the
grimy, sweaty vendors that enjoyed every minute
of our stay at JUNKSTOCK!
(you won't find the Mr. & I in this picture, we hidden!)

Then we ate the "Mr.'s" famous chocolate cake! 
Always made with love & this time
a little peace too!

... mmm good! 

That's all I've got folks! 
There just wasn't time for more
picture taking!