Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wishes for a Wonderful Fall!

I’m sitting with the calendar, my

notebook & a Star Bucks :) , finishing up plans

for the Fall Open House and fine tuning ideas for the

Holiday Season. I really am in awe at how fast

this year has gone! I’m not sure if it is working

in “retail”, always looking to the next season or if

it’s age that time seems to be flying

by with Superman speed!

Our Fall Open House is just days away!

Although I am back at work & the busiest

time of the year at the “SToP” is just ahead

of me, I am still hopeful for and think

because we have had, at least in Nebraska,

the harshest winter, the wettest spring &

the most humid summer,

we are all deserving of a

wonderful Fall !

My Fall Wish List!

... long warm Autumn days

... seeing the leaves slowly turning all the beautiful colors of Autumn

... sunsets that take my breath away

... tee shirts by day, sweat shirts by night

... fireside chats with the family

... weekends feeling as if Monday is still a day away

... hoping my “to do” list is accomplishable

... that the hands of the clock keep ticking...

... just a little slower.

What’s on your Fall wish list?

Monday, August 9, 2010


Lions! Tigers! Bears!

OH, my!!!

Fall! Halloween! Christmas!


My summer is quickly coming to an end.

I’ll be back at school (work) this week &

the busy season at The Whistle Stop is just

around the corner! As if we didn’t have enough

on our plate we pilled on more servings!

We applied to be in the Autumn Festival

at the Qwest Center, downtown Omaha.

I saw today that our check was cashed

so I believe that means we’re in!

Oh, my!

But, wait... you haven’t heard it all yet!

It is the same dates as our own

Holiday Open House!


Yes, you heard that right.

I thought last year doing our Fall Open House back

to back with the Junk Bonanza was tough and we

weren’t even open on Saturdays then. I guess

there isn’t anything that we can’t accomplish with

a little hard work, (ok... alot)

a little help from our Whistle Stop elves, (ok... alot)

and a little bit of caffine. (ok... a boat load!)

Bring on the Starbucks,

the season has begun!

Oh, my...

... a few positive thoughts & prayers

thrown our way couldn’t hurt either!

(ok... more than a few!)