Thursday, January 28, 2010


... isn't he cute!

His face is just so sweet!

Some good friends of mine stopped by 
the other day bearing Christmas gifts! 
(no pun intended!)
  This little guy is jointed & made from 
red & blue mohair which was trimmed to 
give him a "well loved" look. I also received
a gift card to Starbucks! 
(I admit it... I am an iced tea addict! 
& spoiled by my friends!) 

I think Bear and I will share a Starbucks this 
weekend, cuddled up with a blankie & a stack 
of magazines It should make our
 "unbearable" winter temperatures

Saturday, January 23, 2010


...last Saturday!

We through up the signs and opened the shop
so that customers could have one more chance
at some Holiday bargains before 
The Whistle Stop's long winter nap! 

We turn off the water when we're not there
and when we turned it on...
You guessed it...
It was raining out the light fixture 
and the door jam in our little kitchen.
Frozen pipes... Ughhh!

So good thing the hubby is handy! 
He's been playing "plumber" & "drywaller"
all week and next he'll be playing "painter"! 

You've got to love below zero winter temperatures...
... NOT! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today's the day!
Thank you to all who entered & linked
my give away to your sites!  I appreciate
you taking the time to stop by 
and visit The Whistle Stop's blog spot.

... and now for the lucky winner!

... Congratulations
Riverwood Primitives!
... please, go to my website
and email me your address
and Shaker the Snowman
will be on it's way to you!
Thanks for entering!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The White Stuff Just Keeps Coming...


... me not so much! 
Stay warm!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Need Some Input...

What Path to Take? 

If you've ever been to my shop
The Whistle Stop 
or if you run a little shop,
 open everyday or event only,
I would love for you to share your
suggestions... let me know what
works for you.

If you hop on over to my message page on
my website it will give you some insight to what
I'm trying to figure out. My shop started out 16 1/2 years ago, 
open 6 days a week and over the years I have changed things a 
few times. The last several years I have been an event only
 store... & open Saturdays during November and December 
for the Holidays. It has worked well... until this past year I feel like
I need to "tweak" a few things. I guess as I get older & depend 
more on the income from the shop, I'm trying to figure out what 
would be best. I did admit to a few, and now to the world
that I did have a few "mini" meltdowns this season... 

Small shop owners out there...  you know all the hat's we wear.
purchasing agent, decorator, customer relations,
book keeper, PR & advertising agent, event coordinator,
creator of product, janitor... you could probably think of more I'm sure! 
Thanks for your help!
I appreciate all my friends in "blogland"!