Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Home Show ... a success!

Here's a few pic's of the show.
Check out our website to see the rest!

We were so happy to see everyone and to see 
a line forming at 9:30... !

Loyal customers... with lots of patience because
I was definitely running behind! I think we opened
the gate at 10:01!

The tent with lots of rescued furniture 
... many pieces found good homes!

Love, love, love this old library table!

Cute tractor seat from Daffadowndilly's!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Whistle Stop's Summer Home Show...

The tent was put up last night... the furniture has been hauled to the shop... 
... now in one afternoon, in one evening, in one middle of the night
it all needs to come together and look like HOME by tomorrow! 
Look for pictures coming soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Work Room... 
... the goal: to clean, paint, organize each & every little 
piece of "junk" that I might do something with some day
& decorate without spending any..., "nada"...,  "zippo" 
NO money!

Finally! It's done, completely organized... for now
... until the mess begins again!

I painted the walls & the trim with paint 
left over from other projects. It might not of
been my color of choice, but it didn't cost anything!
It cleaned & brightened up the room.

Couldn't do with out my "To Do" board!

Dusted off & drug in the old filing 
cabinet from the garage. Idea magazines, patterns
all filed away according to seasons!

Paint in a shoe pocket organizer! Can find 
the color I want in an instant! 

Paint brushes all in one place! 

A lazy susan organizer with "odds & ends"
at my finger tips.

Jars with game pieces, easily found.

Sewing center... 

My beloved Bernina sewing machine... 
I've had the "old gal" 20 years this July! 
How do I remember when I got her? 
It was a birthday gift on my 30th birthday.
My sister-in-law up graded the sewing machine I had, 
my husband gave me a diamond ring in a Cracker Jack box
(we had already been married 9 years!)
and there were clowns at my party! 
Pretty hard to forget! 

Yarns in a great big old wooden bowl.

Buttons sorted in old jars.

O.K. ... I broke my promise to not spend any money.
My $80.00 iron broke... so I bought this old gem
at a garage sale for .... drum roll please...
It works great!

A dresser from the furniture pile in the 
garage. My DH finished it for me. 
So many drawers!!!!  I love it!

An old cork board was given some style 
with odds & ends of scrapbook paper. 
The  Watchhorn Square sign is one I brought 
with me from California. It came from
Ports A Call in San Pedro, CA.
 It's always been a keeper! 

Now to get working... and try to keep it this way! 
Check back with me after 
the Fall & Holiday Season to see how I did! 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr. Postman...what did you bring?

"Junk" Surprises in the Mail!

I received a box in the mail the other day
from a friend in Oregon! 
We used to do craft shows together when 
we lived in So. California more than
twenty years ago!  
(o.k. ... so now you know we're no spring chicks!) 

The scrabble pieces say it all!

In the box was a bunch of fun things that
she picked up on her "junking" outings.
The next best thing to "junking" together 
is to get a box of "junkies" in the mail!
It included 8 scrabble tile holders & letters,
4 scrabble game boards, a bag of
 game cube letters, 3 little picture hangers
 and a cute little set of drawers!

And there is more!
 4 wooden bowls, a bag of game tiles,
a cute little wooden fruit bowl & an old box
 with great 1/2 circle cut outs on the sides! 

Look for a future post to see what these 
"junkin' gifts" repurpose will be!

Thanks again, Good Friend!  :)