Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Day for a Parade!

Elkhorn Days! 
The Whistle Stop sits right along the parade
route, so we opened up shop and joined in the festivities! 

A local boy scout troop led the parade.

I think you'd need a ladder to get in this jeep!

Pumpkin Patch Float... pretty cute!

Sam & Louie's a local Pizza Parlor...
My son's girl happens to manage the one here in town.

What's a parade without the animals?
These Golden-Doodles were adorable!

Elkhorn's first fire truck. 1926

Fireworks Fountains made from 
old newels.

Homemade strawberry shortcake! Yum!

A small town parade... priceless! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Outing!

My three guys!
 After each of my two sons & my husband
 having terrible car accidents
at three different times 
over the last 6 years,
 I am so blessed to have them all still here!
(I've probably mentioned that before a few times,
but I am just so grateful!)
Love you all!

With cloud covered skies we headed
off to Walnut, Iowa to the 
Amvet's Antique Show! My boys & their
girlfriends planned everything for 
their dad for Father's Day!

Like father, like son.

This house sat along the main street in Walnut
that was lined with vendors. It had the most 
awesome garden right in his front yard!

The sign read... Can you name the 15
different vegetables growing here? 
The proud owner of the garden told me
after I took a couple of pictures, it would be
$10.00 a picture! He was kidding!

This little tool display was adorable!
At over $100.00 it was left behind.

It tickles me that my son & his girlfriend
like some of this old stuff! 
This is my kid that was going to have only 
modern decorating at his house! 

My youngest... with a big smile because
he just had a yummy donut from a
local bakery! He did share a bite!

This set of little chairs and benches in
lime green & robins egg blue 
were adorable!

Mr. "O" taking my purchase of the 
day for a walk. Actually, my son bargained 
& bought them for me. They are going to
be a project for the Holidays.

There were so many cool things & lots
of primitives. Many thing I wanted were out
of my budget. Still fun to look at!

My youngest & his girl.
We stopped at Quaker Steak & Lube
on the way home for a very 
unhealthy lunch! 

At home there was a "Wedding Cake"
(like a strawberry shortcake, cake) from
the FarmHouse waiting for us. 
(oops... I forgot to take a picture)

That ended our day... everyone had a good time
and was worn out from the heat and all the walking.
It was a fun show to visit, but I  didn't feel too deprived, 
coming home with an empty truck. 

Thanks boys & girls for a fun day!
It felt like Mother's day too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahh... The Lazy Days of Summer 

The weather did not feel like summer at all, 
but our loyal customers came anyway. 
Even in the downpour! 

Here are a few pic's from the show.

Cheery flowers on the gate greeted customers. 

Cammie from Daffadowndilly's made these
cute domino card holders!

I did say downpour, didn't I!?

Birdhouse garden decorations.

If you look at the previous post you 
will see a picture of the shop in a mess!
Well, Thursday evening it was still looking that way!
By 1:00 A.M.!!! it was finally put together!

This primitive table had an awesome
sage green color.

Flowers on old bed post legs with
old door pulls for flower centers.
Always a hit!

More goodies from Cammie.
License plate letters, just "charming"!

Rescued Furniture & buckets & garden signs.

With all the rain we had
our flowers should grow for sure!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Duty called... & I answered, reluctantly!

Since our little bit of a country store
(500 sq. feet @ most!) is open for events 
only, for each new show I try & re-event 
the wheel so the displays look different. 
And each time the store starts out a MESS!
Leftovers from the last show & new product
shoved in as it is done, leaves no room to move!

Look at the mess!
It boggles the mind, it boggles the creativity...

So, what's a girl to do? ...

... ponder... with her feet up!

This has become a tradition! 
Sit in my tall chair behind the counter, with my feet up
and just look around trying to envision 
where it all should go!  A little R&R before I even
get started seems to help the display ideas start to flow!
Once one piece of furniture is put into place, 
it all starts to come together! And then the FUN begins!!

As promised a peek at a few new things!

... old things

... Americana things

That's all for now! 
... until tomorrow.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Chocolate Pudding Cake 
No, I don't have the recipe...
I don't bake!

Chocolate Pudding filling. Yum!

My husband is the baker... 
& the furniture maker!  

Layers, upon heavenly layers!!!

Ta Da!!!
Ganache frosting and fresh raspberries!
What more could one ask for?!!