Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's been a couple of good junkin' weekends!

Ahhh... Nebraska a good place to junk!

In the last two weekends we hit two estate sales, 
one indoor flea market & several thrift stores.
It was fun to finally be out junking!

I found 2 scrabble games! Jack pot! 
The tiles and holders will become messages 
and the boards I've been collecting will  be placemats.

Most of our finds will end up at our 
Spring show at W.S. (a.k.a. The Whistle Stop) I went to
the shop to take pictures and on top of the tub of letters 
was W.S. I had to take a picture! I ordered these
block type letter from Primitives by Kathy. They 
are fun to create anything you want to say.

These items we found at an estate sale in South Omaha.
The ad read 50 years of accumulation!
I thought the 70's storage box was a hoot! I think
I had my bedroom in that pattern once upon a time!

The skates, Santa boot and envelopes will
arrive at the W.S. at Christmas. 
You'll have to wait to see what we have 
planned for the envelopes!

This loot was all from a Tag sale in Fremont, NE.
Buckets, a wire basket, an old oil crayon box, bank boxes,
a couple of kitchen items and an old blue cane.
I have plans for the globe either for Halloween or Christmas.
All the rest will be at the Spring show in May!

This little charmer we found at the Good Will.
The colors are shouting "It's Spring!"

I saved the best for last!
This one, I think will be a keeper! 
I can envision a little girl with pig tails flying, 
as she peddled down the sidewalk. 

The collecting has finally begun 
for the next show at 
The Whistle Stop Country Store! 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Got Cabin Fever? ... some pic's of the show.

Got Cabin Fever? ... I think people here in Nebraska did. 

Our customers were ready to get out and have some fun!
  Saturday  was a "top 10" Spring day & our little 
bit of country store was just the 
"Spring Fix" everyone needed!

Here are a few pictures from the shop.

A great old cobblers wheel from Daffadowndilly's! 
It looked so cute with nested Easter eggs!

A wonderful old postal scale, flowers & tulips 
bloomed with color!

We called this display our "Spring Porch". 
The old bedpost bench was made by my DH.
 It's really comfy too!

This little park bench was just adorable! 
I'm so glad it went to a good home.

To see more pictures go to our website. 

Spring is in the air!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My husband asked me tonight, "Why haven't you posted 
any pic's of my furniture?" Well, I do have pictures on the website 
but, I hadn't put any hereon the blog. So, honey this post is for you!
Most of these pictures are from last fall & holiday season. 
We had so much done that we 
had to rent a storage until until show time!

    coat racks from old header molding
    Always really popular!

   Musical chairs anyone?  
     I have a thing for children's chairs.

                                  adorable mini park bench, garden tools & salt box
                                       cool iron pulls on the cupboard drawers

                                             Bed Post Benches!  Really comfy too!


                                                   I can't wait for warm weather so 
                                                      we can start working for our 
                                                              Spring shows!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Tease!!! 

The warm weather is probably not here to stay, after all it is Nebraska! Around these parts, garden planting doesn't begin until Mother's Day! 

Being a Southern Cal. girl I'm ready for flowers, garage sales and warm sunshine by February! I took advantage of the beautiful day to enjoy a walk down the walking path next to my shop. Take a look at the pictures I took on my walk in the sunshine!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here are the other pic's from my craft room. 
It would be fun to see what junk items one could use 
to create a "vintage junk clip it up"! 

Up to the challenge any one?