Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My husband asked me tonight, "Why haven't you posted 
any pic's of my furniture?" Well, I do have pictures on the website 
but, I hadn't put any hereon the blog. So, honey this post is for you!
Most of these pictures are from last fall & holiday season. 
We had so much done that we 
had to rent a storage until until show time!

    coat racks from old header molding
    Always really popular!

   Musical chairs anyone?  
     I have a thing for children's chairs.

                                  adorable mini park bench, garden tools & salt box
                                       cool iron pulls on the cupboard drawers

                                             Bed Post Benches!  Really comfy too!


                                                   I can't wait for warm weather so 
                                                      we can start working for our 
                                                              Spring shows!

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