Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry,folks! Went to the workshop
to take pic's of the finds and
... battery dead in the camera. 
 It just doesn't seem to hold a 
charge anymore! Need a new 
battery or new camera?
...hmmmm ?  
Anyway I will try again

So, on the way home I started thinking... 
scarey thought... me thinking! 

I go back to work (school) in 14 days! YIKES!
And I'm not the least bit ready! 
...or organized to add to my daily "to do's".
In order to get my "life" 
(aka... bookwork/ETSY store/Whistle Stop's 
long list of chores/house cleaned)
I need some incentive!!!
(also, was inspired when I visited 
Andrea from Faded Plains the other day.
... loved, her office!)

So, here's the plan...
... move my "office"... just to the other
side of the room... where there is a little
more room to "be organized"! 
to "re-organzie" & "re-decorate" without
spending any money! The goal to use
what I have... use what I can re-purpose...
make it fun... make it cute... make it work!

I will keep you updated on the progress! 
Now, I just have to run it by the "Mr." 
and get him on board with the little move!
It's only across the room!  

I need a wall of this! 

{Pottery Barn}

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Home Show...

... pictures now on the web.

Go take a look!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do I hear? ...

Woke to the rumble of  thunder... hoping it would pass us by. 
This is when I wish my 500 square feet store was just a little bigger! 
I hope the tents put up by the boy scouts are secure & protecting all
the Rescued Furniture we have under them! 

Off to the "STop" to prepare for the open house...
rain or shine or thunder storms 
can't keep us down. 
The show must go on!

... just one favor Mother Nature
rain, rain go away
The Whistle Stop has plans today! 
p l e a s e!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Show must go on!

Despite the heat index of 110 today...
Despite the fact that the power is out today...
Despite the fact that there is 40% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow...
... some severe they say! 

The tents are up & set up has begun! 
We will be there tomorrow come rain, storms,
or power outage for our Summer Home Show,
with the shop & two tents full of furniture unless
mother nature sends us to Kansas! 

Hope to see you there...
at The Whistle Stop,
not in Kansas! 

Take a run through the sprinklers and
stay cool! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Home Show at The Whistle Stop...

... less than two weeks away!


A parade of chairs... all lined
up and ready for our 
Summer Home Show! 

There's lots more in storage ready to go 
& there's still 12 more working days!
I think the "Mr." will be ready for
a little R&R when this show is done! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Do's...

This is where I've been... 

...doing a little gardening!

 ... doing a little playing 
with with one of 
my favorite guys!

...sewing wedding invitations
for our oldest son & his girl! 

... getting The Whistle Stop
up & running on facebook
(hey, gotta keep up with 
the times! Go like us
if you "do" facebook! )

... working on a new endeavor!
(I was asked if I sell patterns
for my designs... now I'm 
designing patterns.)  

... working on opening an 
ETSY shop on line!

... working out 3x a week
at my son's nutrition & 
training store.
(you'll have to trust that I am
because I'm not going to 
put a picture of me "dying" on
the eleptical!)

... preparing for our 
Summer Home Show 
July 21st, 22nd, 23rd? 

What have you been
up to this summer?