Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry,folks! Went to the workshop
to take pic's of the finds and
... battery dead in the camera. 
 It just doesn't seem to hold a 
charge anymore! Need a new 
battery or new camera?
...hmmmm ?  
Anyway I will try again

So, on the way home I started thinking... 
scarey thought... me thinking! 

I go back to work (school) in 14 days! YIKES!
And I'm not the least bit ready! 
...or organized to add to my daily "to do's".
In order to get my "life" 
(aka... bookwork/ETSY store/Whistle Stop's 
long list of chores/house cleaned)
I need some incentive!!!
(also, was inspired when I visited 
Andrea from Faded Plains the other day.
... loved, her office!)

So, here's the plan...
... move my "office"... just to the other
side of the room... where there is a little
more room to "be organized"! 
to "re-organzie" & "re-decorate" without
spending any money! The goal to use
what I have... use what I can re-purpose...
make it fun... make it cute... make it work!

I will keep you updated on the progress! 
Now, I just have to run it by the "Mr." 
and get him on board with the little move!
It's only across the room!  

I need a wall of this! 

{Pottery Barn}

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