Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Do's...

This is where I've been... 

...doing a little gardening!

 ... doing a little playing 
with with one of 
my favorite guys!

...sewing wedding invitations
for our oldest son & his girl! 

... getting The Whistle Stop
up & running on facebook
(hey, gotta keep up with 
the times! Go like us
if you "do" facebook! )

... working on a new endeavor!
(I was asked if I sell patterns
for my designs... now I'm 
designing patterns.)  

... working on opening an 
ETSY shop on line!

... working out 3x a week
at my son's nutrition & 
training store.
(you'll have to trust that I am
because I'm not going to 
put a picture of me "dying" on
the eleptical!)

... preparing for our 
Summer Home Show 
July 21st, 22nd, 23rd? 

What have you been
up to this summer? 


  1. Well Miss Laurie, sure sounds like you've been a busy girl! Maybe this weekend will be a time to relax and catch your breath. (I know I'm sure looking forward to it!) Have a Happy 4th, Dawn

  2. Darn sure have been busy!! And congrats on the pattern designing, hope it goes very well for you!!
    Have a great 4th of July!!


  3. wow, busy...busy...great news about the shop, going good for you, sound like! Lezlee

  4.'ve been busy. Let's see...I've been painting my bathroom for about 2 months...and I finally finished it