Monday, December 27, 2010


Last day for our Christmas Sale... 
Still some fun holiday decorations left @ 50% off!
Many everyday items 10 to 25% off also! 
Including some Rescued Furniture!
Hope to see you!
Open 10-4

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes...

I hope this Christmas day 
was spent with the ones you love...

... and this Christmas night
you are blessed with sweet dreams.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you ready?

If you need a last minute gift 
or decoration or just want a little 
time away from all the preparations
for the holidays come visit us at 
The Whistle Stop 
We will be open
Thursday, Dec. 23rd 10-5
Friday, Dec. 24th 1-2
We hope your Christmas is
just the way you imagine
it to be... or better!
Merry Christmas!
*after Christmas sale
  Sunday & Monday 
December 26th & 27th  

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Our little tree is finally decorated!
Just a few minutes before family
arrives for an early Christmas!

We love what we call a "Charlie Brown" tree.
It's a Western Douglas Fir . 
There is only one place here in Omaha that
we can get them. Our choices this year
12' or 5'. 
With time, energy & ceiling height 
at an all time low...  
the 5' tree came home with us!


I have collected vintage, glass ornaments since before
I got married. I just LOVE them! 
With company arriving soon I didn't have time
 to hang them all, nor would this little tree hold them all. 
So, I piled them in an antique Oshkosh suitcase
along with a Dan DiPaolo snowman.   
 He looks like he's helping to decorate the tree. 

This maybe the only decorating I get done
for the holidays. And that's o.k. 
I will enjoy our simple, little Charlie Brown 
tree and the sparkle from it's branches.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is your shopping done yet?

 Just a few days left to shop
the "SToP" for the 
HoLiDAy SeAsoN!

December Hours...
Sunday... 19th  10-2
Thursday...  23rd  10-5
Friday...  24th  10-2

Friday, December 10, 2010

Twinkle Night Pictures!

Here are just a few pictures from Twinkle Night.
Hop on over to the website to see more!
I appologize as some of the pic's are blury.
 I'm thinkin' I need to ask Santa for a new camera! 

Upon a winter's night...
The "SToP" began to 

 An adorable red & cream chest.
Perfect Holiday colors. 

Holiday Greetings on a chalkboard
made from an old door.

We still have a few Twinkle Night tees left. 
They are long sleeve, charcoal gray with 
white writing.  Fun for winter!
They are a mens tee 50/50 blend.
Sizes S/M/LG/XL
Thank You to Kristi from 
for the designing of the tee 
and handling of all the details!

'Tis the season...
to "Twinkle"!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twinkle Night... WOW!

All I can say is ... 

THaNk YoU!!!

Thank you to all who braved the long wait, 
the long line and the frigid cold to visit us on 
Twinkle Night!

 I am still in awe and truly humbled by
 how many joined us last night. 
Many thanks to those of you who
bought raffle tickets! The proceeds from
 the raffle sales and Twinkle Night shirts
will give cheer to two families this

I also have to give big hugs to my
Whistle Stop Elves who helped
with our event. I couldn't do it
without you! 

Thank you all,
 from the bottom of my heart! 
HaPPy HOliDaYs!

More pictures coming soon! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twinkle Night...

... is just days away! 
{Monday, December 6th}

This is our customer appreciation &
fundraiser event rolled into one festive evening!
Always held on the first Monday in December.

The pressure is on... even more so than our 
Holiday Open House.
The Saturday before, at the close of the day,
I start taking apart displays... and rearranging...
and redecorating... the goal to make the 
shop look like a Christmas Wonderland in 
48 hours!
Door prizes wrapped, raffle prizes organized,
a treat ready for the little carolers & a buffet 
of Holiday treats wait to fill the old farm table. 

Looking back through old pictures of other
Twinkle Nights I realize that this is our
10th annual Twinkle Night
O.K. So now I have to come up with 
something a little extra special! 
I found a little inspiration from a 
store in MN.  Lori from
  Round Barn Potting Company
designed some really cool shirts to
sale at the Junk Bonanza and in her store.
Take a peek at her blog... you'll love it!  
 A wonderful customer came to my rescue &
this is the great design she came up with!
Now, I'm hoping I can find a printer
to be able to get them done in a week!

Hoping for a charcoal gray
thermal with cream writing.
We may have to compromise.
If we are successful I will post a
picture of the "real deal"! 

Off I go... lot's of 
" twinklin' " to do!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's wishing you all a
family shared, tummy filled,
full of blessings
Thanksgiving Day! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

'Tis the season for sharing...

... a little bit of  Holiday Cheer  is on it's way
to Amy of Cottageprims !
Thanks to all of you entered our little give away!
I hope when the season settles in for our winter's nap
that I'll have time to stop by and visit.
I truly wish you could of all been winners! 

Amy, I hope you enjoy a few little gifts
 from The Whistle Stop Country Store
in Nebraska! 
Where Snowmen make themselves
at home in the winter! I'm sure he'll be
happy in Pennsylvania too! 

I apologize for not getting this all posted in the time 
I said I would. This is the time of year
... when the pace of a shopkeeper catches up with me
... when I receive all the little "gifts" from the kids at school
coughs, sneezes, fevers... lovely gifts!

... 'Tis the season to share indeed!

I promise Amy, I have not sent any unwanted gifts!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

100+ Follower's Celebration!

Sometimes you wonder if anyone
 really reads your blog. ???
I know a few fellow bloggers do for they
 always leave nice comments for me! 

At our Holiday Open House and the 
show at the Qwest I had several people 
" I love reading your blog & your website!"

Wow... really!?
Sometimes when I press the 
"publish" button,  it's just like putting my
words & life's happenings in a diary that's stored in air.
Not really thinking that many are going to read it
... but, in fact many do! 

104+ do...
I've been so busy with the shows that I didn't 
notice that my blog has reached over 
ONE HUNDRED followers! 
I think it is time to celebrate with a 
surprise giveaway! 

Do you decorate more with 
SNoWmeN or SaNtAs for the Holidays?

Answer this question to
be entered for a chance to win a
Whistle Stop holiday SURPRISE!
Let people know about the give away
on your blog and I'll enter you twice!

Last day to enter
Friday, November 19th! 
Drawing will be held
Saturday, November 20th! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our Holiday Open House
& the Autumn Festival
have come and gone...
... and we survived!
Here are a few pic's from the shop and
the show at the Qwest in Omaha.
You can see more pic's of the show
and our shop's open house on our website.

A vintage lighted Santa greeted 
customers at The Whistle Stop.

A large cupboard we used for a 
wall between us & our neighbor 
at the craft show,
not really thinking it would sell. 
... on Saturday we were scurrying
 to fill the space! 

An old skate with black checkered
 laces shines light on Mr. Snowman.

It's just the beginning of our 
holiday season
The Whistle Stop.
More old, new and handmade will
fill the "SToP" each week! 
"Twinkle Night" is just 
a few short weeks away! 
Check the website
for plans soon!  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Open House...

... begins tomorrow! 
Ready or not!
Also the Autumn Festival at the
  Qwest Center in downtown Omaha. 

It's midnight and am I ready... 
not yet! 

Began the day trying to finish up some projects
in the garage when I heard a big crash... 
the wind blew our booth display over
that was staged out on our deck. 
And yes... it fell apart and had to be rebuilt.
So that put us a few hours behind.

It was 6:17 and we were just heading to
 storage to gather our goods... two trucks, a trailer
 and a car full to take to the show. We have 
to be done and out of there by 10:00! 
We did save some goodies for the shop too!
And more to come each Saturday! 

And yes... We did it!!!
Thanks to my boys & their girls who came
to help! They hauled and priced and displayed
until everything had a home under the tin roof. 

It looked pretty darn cute! Much more than 
I expected it to be. Truthfully I was so tired
that I was ready to just line up 
the stuff and call it a night. 
Their creativity shined through! 

I just hope now I can pull the shop together
by 10:00 tomorrow morning!
So much more to do!!!!
Displays to finish, counter to clear, patio
to decorate, things to be priced...
and the list goes on & on & on!
At this point we just do our best &
let go of the thought that it isn't just the
way we planned.  


We just hope that we've done a good 
enough job to put a smile on
our customers faces! 
That when they walk in the door
of our little bit of a country store,
 they'll feel like it's "Beginning to look
a lot like Christmas!" 
And they'll leave "whistling" a 
merry tune!

If I'm not smiling tomorrow...
it's because I'm sleeping on my feet! 
5:00 a.m. is going to come really early. 
Should I be writing this at midnight...
no! but, somehow it's therapeutic! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One more down...

... one project!
... one day 

... only 6 more sleeps until 
our Christmas Open House
at the "SToP"!

... the sandman is calling my name.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wrappin' things up... almost... not really!

Well... here they are! 

After how many weeks 
and I can't even say that they are all finished,
35 more to go! I wanted to take a picture
of all 80 together. I thought that might be
 more impressive! I am so behind I 
thought I'd better just 
"getter done" and post it now!    
I hope they all find good homes 
for the holidays! 

... a little plug for our store! ;)

is coming soon!

If you live near by and would like to visit 
The Whistle Stop you can find all 
the details on our website.  


They are off to the printer and should
 be arriving any day...

... just in time for Holiday giving! 

Gift Certificates!

If you need a gift for someone who 
loves to decorate for the seasons, 
loves the old & the vintage or is 
already a fan of The Whistle Stop... 
then a gift certificate to our little store is 
the perfect solution! Visit us on 
Saturdays 10-4, or go to our website 
and send us a message! We'll be glad to
 help cross one, two or more names 
from your gift giving list! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Whistle Stop elves are hard at work! 
I have a day off from school today! 
May actually get to cross somethings 
off the list today! 
(big smile!) 

Doesn't mean that the list will 
get any shorter! There are always 
more ideas & projects to add.
It does mean...
I will finally feel a little sense
of accomplishment! 

Just might be able to post more pictures of
completed projects by the weekend!
(are you smilin'?)

 Like the Holiday Ornaments 
in the last post! Thought I could get 80
 of those done over a three day weekend... NOT!
 Three weeks later and they are almost done! 
Along with the the 77 Top Hat Snowman
door hangers! 
(jumpin' for joy!)

I here someone calling my name... 
 I have to get back to 
Santa's workshop!
He sure is a slave driver! 
(smirky grin) 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Many?

It's raining Christmas Bulbs!

I came home from work today and my awesome husband
had all 80 Christmas bulbs painted!  

Hopefully by the weekend they will all be complete,
priced & ready for the Holiday shows! 

I'll post a finished picture as soon as
they're done! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Is it...

... the Beverly Hillbillies?
... Sandford and Son?
The Whistle Stop
The weekend of our Fall show was also
the weekend for the Vencie Flea Market! 
And we couldn't let the junk pass us by so we
made several quick trips before and after opening 
the shop! We managed to fill the pick-up four times! 
Some of these "wonderfuls" have already been 
done up in Whistle Stop style and are at 
the shop ready for you to take home and love!  

... and there will be more to come! 
Y'all come back now, y'hear?.

Open Saturdays  10-4
(Oct. 30th we will be closed preparing 
for our Holiday open house!) 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It All Adds Up!

Torn tendon in my foot = a boot for 3 weeks


2x6 falls on my husbands foot = limping in pain


Bandsaw broken = time & profits dwendling

All of the above = NO TIME FOR TEARS!

'Tis the season!
to burn the midnight oil in spite of it all!

Whistle Stop's "Shopkeeper Saturdays"
open 10-4

"Deck the Holidays" Open House
 Nov. 4th, 5th & 6th

The Autumn Festival at the Qwest
Nov. 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th 

The shows must go on... 
and they will! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Marketplace Show...

Hocus Pocus...
Let the Autumn Magic begin...

... and it did at
The Whistle Stop's
Fall Marketplace Open House!

Go to our website and check out
our pictures of the show!
The sleepless nights paid off
as the shop's displays came together,
looking very much like Fall had
arrived. Everything was ready by
the strike of 10:00 on
Thursday morning!

It was great to meet fellow Blogger,
Connie from She Dreams Big & to
see Brenda again from Pine Tree Prims.
It was also great to meet Phil and Linda
from Sweet Annie's Primitives in Roca, NE.
Jolene from Weathered and Worn
Country Store of Papillion, NE and
Deb from Country Sampler, of Omaha
visited too. It is always a great complement
when other store owners take time
away from their "to do list" to visit
our little bit of a country store!

And of course I wish I could name
each and everyone of our wonderful,
tide & true customers that come to
The Whistle Stop's open houses.
Rain or shine, Spring, Summer or Fall,
year after year, they come and shop
with wonderful things to say...
... and that makes us do it
again and again and again!