Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twinkle Night...

... is just days away! 
{Monday, December 6th}

This is our customer appreciation &
fundraiser event rolled into one festive evening!
Always held on the first Monday in December.

The pressure is on... even more so than our 
Holiday Open House.
The Saturday before, at the close of the day,
I start taking apart displays... and rearranging...
and redecorating... the goal to make the 
shop look like a Christmas Wonderland in 
48 hours!
Door prizes wrapped, raffle prizes organized,
a treat ready for the little carolers & a buffet 
of Holiday treats wait to fill the old farm table. 

Looking back through old pictures of other
Twinkle Nights I realize that this is our
10th annual Twinkle Night
O.K. So now I have to come up with 
something a little extra special! 
I found a little inspiration from a 
store in MN.  Lori from
  Round Barn Potting Company
designed some really cool shirts to
sale at the Junk Bonanza and in her store.
Take a peek at her blog... you'll love it!  
 A wonderful customer came to my rescue &
this is the great design she came up with!
Now, I'm hoping I can find a printer
to be able to get them done in a week!

Hoping for a charcoal gray
thermal with cream writing.
We may have to compromise.
If we are successful I will post a
picture of the "real deal"! 

Off I go... lot's of 
" twinklin' " to do!


  1. The shirt is lovely! I got my goodies yesterday.Thanks so much.Just lovely.I'll blog about them in the nest few days.Tomorrow is my birthday so it was like getting a early gift.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I just know you will pull it off and it will be beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures though. The shirts are such a great idea! Have a great week, Dawn

  3. The thermal shirts are not happenin'... I am too late for such short notice. So, we opted for a long sleeve tee instead. I still have yet to see the color... hoping for dark gray & will have to go for white writing. Still will be cute. Why do I always come up with ideas when I'm down to the wire. ???? Will post pictue as soon as I get them!