Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Open House...

... begins tomorrow! 
Ready or not!
Also the Autumn Festival at the
  Qwest Center in downtown Omaha. 

It's midnight and am I ready... 
not yet! 

Began the day trying to finish up some projects
in the garage when I heard a big crash... 
the wind blew our booth display over
that was staged out on our deck. 
And yes... it fell apart and had to be rebuilt.
So that put us a few hours behind.

It was 6:17 and we were just heading to
 storage to gather our goods... two trucks, a trailer
 and a car full to take to the show. We have 
to be done and out of there by 10:00! 
We did save some goodies for the shop too!
And more to come each Saturday! 

And yes... We did it!!!
Thanks to my boys & their girls who came
to help! They hauled and priced and displayed
until everything had a home under the tin roof. 

It looked pretty darn cute! Much more than 
I expected it to be. Truthfully I was so tired
that I was ready to just line up 
the stuff and call it a night. 
Their creativity shined through! 

I just hope now I can pull the shop together
by 10:00 tomorrow morning!
So much more to do!!!!
Displays to finish, counter to clear, patio
to decorate, things to be priced...
and the list goes on & on & on!
At this point we just do our best &
let go of the thought that it isn't just the
way we planned.  


We just hope that we've done a good 
enough job to put a smile on
our customers faces! 
That when they walk in the door
of our little bit of a country store,
 they'll feel like it's "Beginning to look
a lot like Christmas!" 
And they'll leave "whistling" a 
merry tune!

If I'm not smiling tomorrow...
it's because I'm sleeping on my feet! 
5:00 a.m. is going to come really early. 
Should I be writing this at midnight...
no! but, somehow it's therapeutic! :)


  1. Everything looks AMAZING! I really hope that everything comes together for you guys and that both shows are huge hits! All of your stuff is wonderful and I wish I could be there!!! I hope you are getting lots of Starbucks runs in!


  2. Oh my, everything looks just beautiful! How I wish I could be there! I just finished doing Christmas at the shop too - I'm lucky to have a coffee shop through my French doors - I made lots of runs! Good luck this weekend, hope it's an amazing success, Dawn

  3. Wow! It looks so cute, adorable! Josh has been building a mantel for the Christmas tour. It was leaning against the wall the cat knocked it over and broke I feel your pain! I hope you have a great sale! Lezlee

  4. Do you do any mail orders?
    I am interested in the Burlap Banners "Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night". I couldn't find anywhere to email you about this, please get back to me.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I loooked at your booth at the craft fair in Omaha last weekend and loved your stuff! Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks, The Rustic Chick! Work it is...but, all the nice compliments make it all worth while. Appreciation for what we do is the best form of payment. Too bad appreciation alone doesn't buy groceries or pay the bills! ;)

  7. Hoping to see more pictures of your booth and hear how your shows went this past weekend. I loved the pictures of your setup.