Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Junk Bonanza... the Final Post!

Drum Roll Please!!!
A branding iron fit only for the 
Queen of the Junk Bonanza!

picture courtesy of Margo (Margo's Junkin' Journal)

The week before the Bonanza we went on a last
minute junking buy at the Venice Flea Market
here in Nebraska. I saw this branding iron...
I was looking at it and asked the vendor, "Is this a "B"?"
It looked like a fancy "B" the way I was holding it 
and I was thinking "B" for Bonanza... 
hmmm... should I buy it?
Then she told me, "It's a "JB"! 
Oh, my gosh... Yes, I'm buying it!
Cammie, my friend and booth neighbor at the 
Bonanza said right away, "I'm taking this to show Ki."
And Ki bought it!  It's now home where it belongs.
I think there was some comment made about branding 
butts of newcomers to the JB ... or something like that.
We'll have to ask Ki about that!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Case of the Missing Cake...

See this gorgeous chocolate cake!
It is as tasty as it is pretty.
Chocolate cake,
 chocolate pudding whipped cream filling,
topped with ganache frosting and fresh sugared raspberries!

 Our friends Cammie & David 
had always missed out when my husband made one.
So, he told them he would make one and bring it to the Bonanza!

He carefully packed it in an ice chest with dry ice and
it traveled with us six hours in the bouncy truck.
When we arrived it was still cold, but separating a little 
from all the jiggling! We asked the hotel if we could put 
it in there refrigerator and they said yes. He wrapped it in 
plastic wrap to pull it back together and left it there for safe keeping.

Finally, on Friday night we said we would get together for cake.
We were going out to dinner with Cammie (Daffadowndilly's)
 and her husband and Margo (Robolady). Cammie said she had also told 
Matthew Mead (cook book author) to come and have cake with us! 
Oh, the pressure was on! 
(unfortunately or fortunately as it turns out he couldn't...
he was in a meeting for the new Flea Market Style magazine)

Before we left for dinner my husband went to check on the cake 
and make sure we could get into the kitchen later in the evening. 

NO CAKE!!!! 

No one at the hotel seemed to know where the cake went.

 So we had to share the news that there would
be no mouth watering cake that we all had
been waiting for...  :(

The next day at the Bonanza we get a call
from the hotel manager saying he knows what 
happened to the cake. 
I immediately hand the phone to my husband!
One of the morning crew moved the cake and 
dropped it on the floor!
Didn't tell anyone... just scooped it up and 
through it in the garbage.

This is my DH. He is a very talented guy.
He can build a house, build the furniture to go in it,
plant & grow an amazing garden,
then cook a gourmet meal with the bounty & 
make the best chocolate cake you've ever tasted!

...and he can keep his cool when you tell him
what happened to his famous chocolate cake!

He was ever so polite on the phone to the hotel
manager, saying "things happen"... but, it would of been
 nice to know at the time what happened to the CAKE!

We all came to peace with the reality that
we were not to have this scrumptious, chocolate, 
whipped cream & pudding filled, ganache & sugared raspberries
 topped cake grace our lips.

The bright side...
... it may of saved a few pounds on our hips!
We'll try again next year!

(the hotel is sending a check for the cake...)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Few Pic's of the Bonanza!

The Bonanza Agenda...
Who could ask for anything better!

An antique message board from Omaha.

each of the vendors name in this table. 
What a keepsake! 

Fortune anyone? 
I want mine to read...
...good health...good wealth...good junkin' finds!
(made by Sara of Seasons in Carver)

the vendor coordinator of the Bonanza.
& Cammie from Daffadowndilly's.
(Not sure what happened to the poor doll?)

Junkin' Bronze Sneakers...
Click your heels... 
...there's no place like the Junk Bonanza
...there's no place like the Junk Bonanza
...there's no place like the Junk Bonanza


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Coral at the Junk Bonanza...

"The Coral" at the Junk Bonanza 
is an area of great junk displayed in
a decorator, home like style. It gives you ideas
of how to use all the junk we love to search for!

Cammie from Daffadowndilly's found
this treasure at a junk yard she frequents often.
She asked the owner if she could buy the door
right off the old truck!  Daffadowndilly's & other 
area proprietors provided many items
 for the Coral's displays.

In need of ideas for a table setting for 
the cowboys in your life?
This table has all the style you'll need!
Ki told Cammie they were in need of chairs for this
 display and Cammie knew just who to go to. 
The Whistle Stop of course! 

Don't you just love all the old farm junk on this table?

Great turquoise wheelbarrow filled with
a bountiful harvest!

Another chair provided by The Whistle Stop.
It had just the rustic look this display needed.
The chaps were given to us to sell by my sister.
(Do any of you recognize this chair from the 
previous post I did with the "free" curb side finds?)

A Whistle Stop customer gave these bridge card 
sets to take to the Bonanza. The horse pictures
were perfect for the Coral.

Another creation of Daffadowndilly's!
Junk Lamps!
Buy the rings to create your own or
get them all ready to go with junk! 
The old silverware was perfect for a chandelier
over a the rustic table setting. 

Still have a few more pictures to post tomorrow!
Stay tuned!

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Eye Candy from the Bonanza!

Here are pictures from some of
the many booths at the Junk Bonanza.
I apologize that I don't know the 
names of many of the owners of
these wonderful displays. 

Hand painted clocks on old tin.

A very cute booth with lots of 
great finds!

This display make you want to sit 
down for dinner with a group of friends.

This is the booth of Mustard Moon.
The wall of lockers was just striking.

Lot's of great architecture in this booth.

What a great centerpiece!

Every sort of trinket imaginable!

This was one of my husbands favorite 
pieces at the show.

Very cool creations in this space.

Loved the simplicity of the cow bells
in this old green cupboard. Very good
price on the bells too!

My pictures don't do the booth displays justice.
This show was bursting with some of the greatest
junk I've ever seen under one roof! 
(Tomorrow pictures of the Bonanza's Coral)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Booth of all Booth's at the Junk Bonanza!

These picture's are from my friend
Cammie's booth of Daffadowndillys.
Four spaces filled with every type 
of junk imaginable and I think 
she could of filled four more!

Jars & jars of little trinkets...
buttons, game pieces, match books, letters
and the list goes on and on and on.

Maps, bowling pins, barbells, lamps 
your name it, she's got it! And if she
doesn't she'll find it for you!

From dishware to bedsprings...
anything your heart desired!

She didn't just have one of something...
she had multiples!

More treasures... one could have a 
hot cocoa party, vintage style 
with all these thermoses. 

Margo & Cammie
at the Bonanza, a fellow junker & blogger from Texas. 
She came to help Ki with the set up & shop the JB 
and area shops. A Junker's idea of a 
vacation made in heaven! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Junk Bonanza Pictures!!!

Lazy Day Farms... no time for lazy days
at the Junk Bonanza!  

A window cupboard my husband built. 
We took two double window cupboards
& two single window cupboards. 
Wish we would of taken more! 

A little cowboy display.

Another cupboard my husband built 
around an old screen door. It is going to
a young teens room & will be re-painted
How cute will that be!

Vintage orange jute... a favorite.

Anything with a silver patina was 
a wanted item!

A very fun turquoise scale!

Votive cup stakes. 
Can you guess what the wire holder 
was for in it's original function?
 They Sold Out early!
I'm making more for our Holiday show!

Little wiggly tail puppy went to a new home.
Old film reels went home with Margo to Texas.
Wonder what she'll do with them? 

Word of inspiration!

These were just a few of the junkin' items we
took to the Bonanza. More posts to come of
other vendor's booths & the "Coral"! 
Watch for the story of the missing cake!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Junk Bonanza... Opening Day!

Day 3 in Minnesota 

Opening day at the Bonanza. 
The early bird shoppers are in line and 
ready to get the best picks of the show.

( I apologize now for some of my pic's 
are blurry... must of been in a hurry!)

Marshall's Farm had a wonderful display of
pumpkins, mums and all the fall pick-in's. 
I especially loved their welcome sign. 

All the early bird shoppers & vendors received 
a vintage potato sack full of goodies   
  that I am proud to say I found for Ki
here in Nebraska! The Bonanza team
added handles for easy carrying.

Our booth before the races began!

My friend Cammie of Daffadowndilly's & I ...
... Ready or Not the first morning of the show.
Cammie is the reason we decided to be a 
vendor at the Bonanza. She has been a 
vendor each year & a major contributor
 of good junk to "the Coral" at the JB.

The early bird crowd descends upon 
the JB!

That's all for tonight folks. I'm still recovering from
our two shows back to back and my bed is calling
my name! More wonderful junk pictures to come!

Monday, September 21, 2009

JUNK BONANZA... setting up!

Day 2: 
After a short night of sleep 
at the hotel we arrived at the Bonanza site 
at 8:00 on Wednesday morning with 
our trailer full of ...
junk... really GOOD JUNK!!

This is the entrance to the JB. Our booth
was in this tent. There were two more very
LARGE  rooms with so many great vendors!

After many hours of unloading & setting
up our booth we were ready for three days
of meeting & greeting & selling lots of good junk.

We had two spaces, but it was still
a tight squeeze to fit all our stuff in. 
We had left some items in the 
trailer for re-stocking.

Another day came to an end, but
before we left for the night we had to
take a tour of the rest of the vendors booths.
... Oh,   my   gosh! It was unbelievable! 
Just wait until you see the pictures of 
of some these wonderful spaces filled
with wonderful junk!

(to be continued)