Monday, September 14, 2009

Hope We Make It!

Luckily our friends & family come to our
rescue to help us price, pack & load
for the Junk Bonanza!
Getting ready for two shows back to back has 
proven to be a recipe for getting sick.
I'll stock up on cold medicine and sleep all 
the way to Minnesota. Hope I'll be good 
as new by opening day!

My good friend Deb organizing 
the junk to be loaded on the trailer.

Katie, my son's girlfriend,  
tagging all the new junk from our
weekend trip to the flea market.

My son Matt & DH loading the trailer
like a jigsaw puzzle. Trying to make it all fit!

We're loaded down... literally!
We may need to look for a bigger truck 
to pull the trailer. 

See some of you soon!
I'll post lots of pictures from our
Junk Bonanza adventure when we get home!