Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Junk Bonanza... Opening Day!

Day 3 in Minnesota 

Opening day at the Bonanza. 
The early bird shoppers are in line and 
ready to get the best picks of the show.

( I apologize now for some of my pic's 
are blurry... must of been in a hurry!)

Marshall's Farm had a wonderful display of
pumpkins, mums and all the fall pick-in's. 
I especially loved their welcome sign. 

All the early bird shoppers & vendors received 
a vintage potato sack full of goodies   
  that I am proud to say I found for Ki
here in Nebraska! The Bonanza team
added handles for easy carrying.

Our booth before the races began!

My friend Cammie of Daffadowndilly's & I ...
... Ready or Not the first morning of the show.
Cammie is the reason we decided to be a 
vendor at the Bonanza. She has been a 
vendor each year & a major contributor
 of good junk to "the Coral" at the JB.

The early bird crowd descends upon 
the JB!

That's all for tonight folks. I'm still recovering from
our two shows back to back and my bed is calling
my name! More wonderful junk pictures to come!


  1. What wonderful pics, can't wait to see more. It was fun spending time with you and Cammie. We'll have to do it again next year.

  2. I feel so stupid! I forgot to visit your booth! I should have made a list of booths to visit, but I just walked in and I was totally overwhelmed. I wandered aimlessly! But now I'll be better prepared for next year. Hope you were happy with your time at JB. You must be exhausted, hope you get a good rest.

  3. Oh my gosh, how many booths were there??? Can't wait to see more pictures when you get some rest. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  4. Dawn,
    I know there were 108 vendors. Some had one space and some had 2, 3, and 4 spaces! So, there was a lot of stuff! I'm working on another post now!
    Thanks for always checkin' in with us!

  5. Laurie, just wanted you to know I loved being next to you during the Bonanza even though it didn't seem like we had much time for visiting. Love all the photos!