Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Junk Bonanza... the Final Post!

Drum Roll Please!!!
A branding iron fit only for the 
Queen of the Junk Bonanza!

picture courtesy of Margo (Margo's Junkin' Journal)

The week before the Bonanza we went on a last
minute junking buy at the Venice Flea Market
here in Nebraska. I saw this branding iron...
I was looking at it and asked the vendor, "Is this a "B"?"
It looked like a fancy "B" the way I was holding it 
and I was thinking "B" for Bonanza... 
hmmm... should I buy it?
Then she told me, "It's a "JB"! 
Oh, my gosh... Yes, I'm buying it!
Cammie, my friend and booth neighbor at the 
Bonanza said right away, "I'm taking this to show Ki."
And Ki bought it!  It's now home where it belongs.
I think there was some comment made about branding 
butts of newcomers to the JB ... or something like that.
We'll have to ask Ki about that!


  1. This was the perfect find for Ki and the Junk Boanaza! I couldn't believe it when I seen what the letters were on this branding iron. You should have seen Ki's face when she seen what was on it, total excitement! Thanks for finding it for her Laurie, it was a great find!

  2. Laurie, I have so enjoyed reading all your posts about the Junk Bonanza. Honestly, it must have been such a great time! Thanks for sharing all the pics and stories. Your husband is quite a guy--sad about the cake though!

  3. Love, love, love the branding iron. What a great coincidence. I'm just happy I didn't get my butt branded. I won't have to worry next year, I'll no longer be a newbie! I'm presenting you a "Honest Scrap" award. Stop by my blog to get it and its guidelines. Happy junking!