Monday, June 14, 2010

A Big Surprise...

My mom turned 85 this past April.
She had a trip planned to California
to visit her granddaughter, grandson
& some old friends.
She ended up ill and was hospitalized
for close to a week.
Which shut down our plans for a
BIG surprise!

Happy to say...
after several weeks she
is on the mend and was able to take her
trip to California after all!

We took the opportunity of her being
on vacation to do a surprise make over
in her quilting room!
She lives to quilt!
She makes small quilts & table
runners for the shop.

The goal was to spend very little money.


we emptied the room, tore down the
old wallpaper boarder & painted the walls.
I had no jumping off point for a paint color
so I just headed to Lowes and browsed
paint chips. Pulled up one and it said...
"Cloth" ... Perfect!

We went on a hunt for an old dresser to rescue.
We found a monster of a piece that my
husband transformed. I so wish I would of
remembered to take a before picture!
He removed doors & drawer panels and
added wainscot. He painted it a funky
blue & gave it his famous worn finish.
It has 6 drawers & 3 pull out tray
for all her fabric.


He built a shelf unit for the wall above
the dresser. It has a row of little chicken nest
like boxes. Handy to nest fabric strips &
started project. He painted it Linen with the
same distressed finish.

Finally the fun begins...

... putting all the decorative touches
in the room. I found some shams I had
bought a couple of years ago and never used.
They were a quilt pattern with many
colors to pull from. I chose a khaki color
quilt for the bed and dressed it like a day bed.

I had bought a Wall Word decal of flowers
that I had stashed in a closet for a year or so.
I took three pine boards, painted them
with layers of green, blue & linen paint.
Distressed, stained & lacquered them
and applied the decal. It hangs over the bed for
an inexpensive piece of simple art.

We had enough done to make it a surprise by
the time she got home! Although, there
is still more to do... curtains, sorting of the
piles & boxes of fabric, a cutting table &
a few more decorations.
She is enjoying it and has made several little
quilts since she's been home!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Can't Watch!

What we won't do in the name of
The Whistle Stop!!!

A custom built stepback cupboard 6' wide & almost 7' tall.
It's bigger than the bed of our little truck
and we said we'd deliver!

Good thing we didn't have to go far.
At first I thought...
I can't watch...
then I thought... I need pictures of this!

Laid on the top of the bed... no straps... no tie downs
... just the balance & muscles of my youngest son
& the careful driving of my dear husband.

Across the highway, around the block, down the hill

in the driveway.

It made it's way safely to it's new home.
It just slid under the door frame of this little
cottage and fit snugly in the dining room
ready to serve it's owner with strength & grace.
(Oops... In all the relief of getting it there safely
I forgot to take a picture of it, maybe it's owner
will send me one once she has all her pretties on it.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rescued Furniture at The "SToP"

Transformation... Whistle Stop Style!

This corner cabinet had seen better days,
until we rescued it and gave
it a new "do"!

Removed the top doors & drawer,
added wainscot backing & new doors.

Black paint and my husbands
famous distressed finish & this
corner cupboard is ready
for a new home!