Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Can't Watch!

What we won't do in the name of
The Whistle Stop!!!

A custom built stepback cupboard 6' wide & almost 7' tall.
It's bigger than the bed of our little truck
and we said we'd deliver!

Good thing we didn't have to go far.
At first I thought...
I can't watch...
then I thought... I need pictures of this!

Laid on the top of the bed... no straps... no tie downs
... just the balance & muscles of my youngest son
& the careful driving of my dear husband.

Across the highway, around the block, down the hill

in the driveway.

It made it's way safely to it's new home.
It just slid under the door frame of this little
cottage and fit snugly in the dining room
ready to serve it's owner with strength & grace.
(Oops... In all the relief of getting it there safely
I forgot to take a picture of it, maybe it's owner
will send me one once she has all her pretties on it.)


  1. lol, Thank goodness for strong sons! That little cottage is cute! Yes, we need a picture, seems like I remember it from a previous post.

  2. Oh yes, it's amazing what us shopkeepers can do when we need to!!! Way to go, Dawn

  3. Haaha! You crack me up Laurie! I can totally picture Matt hanging out on the back! Nice work!

  4. Eeeeeek! Hey - A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! ;)

  5. too funny..i thought i was bad, but you got me beat !!!