Monday, September 28, 2009

The Case of the Missing Cake...

See this gorgeous chocolate cake!
It is as tasty as it is pretty.
Chocolate cake,
 chocolate pudding whipped cream filling,
topped with ganache frosting and fresh sugared raspberries!

 Our friends Cammie & David 
had always missed out when my husband made one.
So, he told them he would make one and bring it to the Bonanza!

He carefully packed it in an ice chest with dry ice and
it traveled with us six hours in the bouncy truck.
When we arrived it was still cold, but separating a little 
from all the jiggling! We asked the hotel if we could put 
it in there refrigerator and they said yes. He wrapped it in 
plastic wrap to pull it back together and left it there for safe keeping.

Finally, on Friday night we said we would get together for cake.
We were going out to dinner with Cammie (Daffadowndilly's)
 and her husband and Margo (Robolady). Cammie said she had also told 
Matthew Mead (cook book author) to come and have cake with us! 
Oh, the pressure was on! 
(unfortunately or fortunately as it turns out he couldn't...
he was in a meeting for the new Flea Market Style magazine)

Before we left for dinner my husband went to check on the cake 
and make sure we could get into the kitchen later in the evening. 

NO CAKE!!!! 

No one at the hotel seemed to know where the cake went.

 So we had to share the news that there would
be no mouth watering cake that we all had
been waiting for...  :(

The next day at the Bonanza we get a call
from the hotel manager saying he knows what 
happened to the cake. 
I immediately hand the phone to my husband!
One of the morning crew moved the cake and 
dropped it on the floor!
Didn't tell anyone... just scooped it up and 
through it in the garbage.

This is my DH. He is a very talented guy.
He can build a house, build the furniture to go in it,
plant & grow an amazing garden,
then cook a gourmet meal with the bounty & 
make the best chocolate cake you've ever tasted!

...and he can keep his cool when you tell him
what happened to his famous chocolate cake!

He was ever so polite on the phone to the hotel
manager, saying "things happen"... but, it would of been
 nice to know at the time what happened to the CAKE!

We all came to peace with the reality that
we were not to have this scrumptious, chocolate, 
whipped cream & pudding filled, ganache & sugared raspberries
 topped cake grace our lips.

The bright side...
... it may of saved a few pounds on our hips!
We'll try again next year!

(the hotel is sending a check for the cake...)


  1. What a story about the cake! At the least the hotel should have given you a free dinner or SOMETHING! Sounds like you had a wonderful time - in spite of the cake! Have a great week, Dawn

  2. I'm still looking forward to being able to taste this wonderful looking cake in the future. I think I can taste it already!

  3. That cake was Georgeous!!!!!
    I am so glad to finally find out what happened to that cake. That hotel had a real problem. I was willing to overlook a few things. But when they left my door unlocked and open all day, and didn't even offer any kind of compensation, I as a bit miffed. Glad you are getting some $$ for the cake. I'm sure it was delish!!!

  4. Well, they said they would send a check... haven't seen one yet!
    If you ever come to NE let us know and I'll have DH bake a cake!
    Laurie :)