Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wrappin' things up... almost... not really!

Well... here they are! 

After how many weeks 
and I can't even say that they are all finished,
35 more to go! I wanted to take a picture
of all 80 together. I thought that might be
 more impressive! I am so behind I 
thought I'd better just 
"getter done" and post it now!    
I hope they all find good homes 
for the holidays! 

... a little plug for our store! ;)

is coming soon!

If you live near by and would like to visit 
The Whistle Stop you can find all 
the details on our website.  


They are off to the printer and should
 be arriving any day...

... just in time for Holiday giving! 

Gift Certificates!

If you need a gift for someone who 
loves to decorate for the seasons, 
loves the old & the vintage or is 
already a fan of The Whistle Stop... 
then a gift certificate to our little store is 
the perfect solution! Visit us on 
Saturdays 10-4, or go to our website 
and send us a message! We'll be glad to
 help cross one, two or more names 
from your gift giving list! 


  1. Love the gift cards! Wish I could be there for the open houses! I sent more earrings by the way. They should be there end of this week, very beginning of next at the latest!
    Get as much rest as possible!

  2. Those ornaments are fantastic! I'll be it is IMPRESSIVE to see all 80 of them together. I'm sure they will fly out of your shop. The gift certificates are adorable too, what a great idea to have them personalized with your shop name. This sure is a busy few weeks! Dawn

  3. Oh I can't wait!! I bet you are getting excited also Laurie. The bulb ornaments are awesome! What did the doc say about your foot on Monday?


  4. LOVE them and know you are pooped! The gift certificates are great! Lezlee