Thursday, January 28, 2010


... isn't he cute!

His face is just so sweet!

Some good friends of mine stopped by 
the other day bearing Christmas gifts! 
(no pun intended!)
  This little guy is jointed & made from 
red & blue mohair which was trimmed to 
give him a "well loved" look. I also received
a gift card to Starbucks! 
(I admit it... I am an iced tea addict! 
& spoiled by my friends!) 

I think Bear and I will share a Starbucks this 
weekend, cuddled up with a blankie & a stack 
of magazines It should make our
 "unbearable" winter temperatures

1 comment:

  1. Oh boy, I hear you about those temps! I think I'll curl up this weekend and stitch some. I dread going out to open the shop this morning, just hope it's worth it! Stay warm and enjoy your magazines, Dawn