Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Need Some Input...

What Path to Take? 

If you've ever been to my shop
The Whistle Stop 
or if you run a little shop,
 open everyday or event only,
I would love for you to share your
suggestions... let me know what
works for you.

If you hop on over to my message page on
my website it will give you some insight to what
I'm trying to figure out. My shop started out 16 1/2 years ago, 
open 6 days a week and over the years I have changed things a 
few times. The last several years I have been an event only
 store... & open Saturdays during November and December 
for the Holidays. It has worked well... until this past year I feel like
I need to "tweak" a few things. I guess as I get older & depend 
more on the income from the shop, I'm trying to figure out what 
would be best. I did admit to a few, and now to the world
that I did have a few "mini" meltdowns this season... 

Small shop owners out there...  you know all the hat's we wear.
purchasing agent, decorator, customer relations,
book keeper, PR & advertising agent, event coordinator,
creator of product, janitor... you could probably think of more I'm sure! 
Thanks for your help!
I appreciate all my friends in "blogland"! 


  1. I changed my hours for January and February to Wed-Sat and I'm so looking forward to fewer hours and a little time to regroup. Feel free to give me a call at the shop any time (248/634-7040). Dawn

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I always try to make it to your cute shop whenever I get a notice that you are going to be open. We visit when I'm there but I guess there is no reason why you should remember one person out of a crowd! I'm sure that running a store like yours is not easy. But I always wish that antique/vintage/CUTE STUFF stores were open on Sundays. But we all like to do family things then! Wish I lived closer to give you a hand (I'm from Wayne). Come visit me again. Let's talk! -- Connie