Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's happenin'...

 ... in the Rescued Workshop?

This is!
Thought you might like to see a piece of 
Rescued Furniture in progress.

This is a custom piece for a one of our 
good customers for her new home.
For now it will stow all the kids toys & games...
... later it will hold many primitive treasures! 

Here is the base.  The Mr. starts with old doors
and builds the cupboard with new pine around them.
This cupboard had to be built in two pieces to
fit down the stairs to the basement. 

Here's the base with doors. 

Here it is with the top in place.
Shelves will go in the space to the right
with a wainscot back. 
The customer chose black exterior &
linen interior. More work is being done as
I type. Tonight he is finishing all the 
details, sanding & painting.
Tomorrow sand, stain & lacquer! 

 By Saturday this Rescued Furniture piece
will be in her new home serving her owners 
well for years to come! 
Hope they like!... hope it fits! 

{Finished picture posted soon}

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