Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Office Move...

... across the room!

I moved my office space in our den from 
one side of the room to the other so
I would have a little more space to 

The challenge was to use what I had. 
So, I dug through my junk and repurposed a 
few things for my organization wall.
I added cork to an old frame & hung it
from cup hooks. I have a pile of clipboards 
so I used them to hold note paper & pictures.

I love these old store ticket holders. I attached
them to an old clip board. Great for holding
notes, lists, pictures and more! 

More to do... but, it's a start!



  1. So cute. If I lived closer I would have you help me decorate my house!!!

  2. I love road trips! Is baby #2 ready for this world? Your mom said maybe you'd be down for the reception! If you haven't had the baby yet you may be a little tied up! Hope all goes well!