Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a little story…

A word of encouragement from a 6 year old! 

Yesterday was proving to be a challenging day… woke up to a couple of unwelcome financial surprises. (Like who knew there was a propane shortage??? not we! It went up $1.30 in the last week! And they'll only come out for 125 gallons, which means over $800.00! No propane means too cold in the workshop to work (note: Whistle Stop opens in 9 days… need product & Rescued Furniture ASAP!, which means frozen pipes!(note: going to be -3 tonight)

Now for the rest of the story…
Playing with my grandson last night, we were building Lincoln Logs and they kept falling apart and after rebuilding a few times I asked him if he wanted to put them away and do something else. 
He said, "Grandma, you know you don't ever give up!" 


Awe, just what I needed!

Lesson… have a rough day, make a play date with a 6 year old!

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