Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Thunderstorms

has much to do today!

This is the forecast for our show weekend...


Scattered T-storms

Isolated T-storms

Scattered T-storms

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy
Extended Forecast
High: 82°
Low: 73°
High: 93°
Low: 74°
High: 88°
Low: 72°
High: 83°
Low: 67°
High: 85°
Low: 68°

We have a large tent going up this afternoon,
with more than 40 pieces of furniture that
are supposed to go under it for our
Summer Home Show. Our shop is only
500 sq. feet and so to have more furniture
we rent a tent from our local Boy Scouts.

Not so sure that it's safe for the Boy Scouts
to put up a tent in lightning. I know they
are Boy Scouts and they are prepared
for everything... but, metal poles and
lightening... doesn't sound
like a good idea to me!

The grass is soggy, the rain is running down
the patio to the door of the shop, I have three
days worth of work to get done in one.
(and so my kids would say...
so what's new? )

Give me patience, give me strength,
Give me a go with the flow attitude!
Mother Nature is one that won't change
her plans just because I ask her to.

The show must go on... and it will!

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  1. I can just imagine and canopy of umbrellas! I will be thinking happy thoughts for you!