Friday, February 10, 2012

The love...

... of an old suitcase.

What's the appeal of 
these old, utilitarian 
pieces of history?
Is it the warm colors,
the worn & tattered material,
the idea that they have 
traveled far & wide?
They are such fun 
decorating pieces, yet they 
still provide function.
They've never lost 
their usefulness.

This one is storing some of my
Whistle Stop memorabilia ready
to go in the scrapbook. 

The second one holds 
holiday crafts in progress, 
the third old pictures,
the next two old mementos.
I've thought about selling
them, but as I look at 
them I'm not sure I can.
They seem like old friends.

 A friend of mine has this great
tower of old suitcases in her home. 
Decorated so cute with the 
handmade tags. I love all the 
different shades and textures.

Maybe my stack just 
needs a few new friends.