Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Small World...

... indeed!
A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Craig’s List,
as we “junker’s” do! I was looking for old windows for
the “Mr.” to create with. I found 4 windows in
in a neighborhood across town from us.
We find the house... an adorable older home with 
oh, such cute character!
Their is a work crew in the front yard as they are just 
finishing putting in new windows. 
As we look across the yard we see a girl that looks familiar!
She was our neighbor when she was a little girl!
Her boyfriend’s brother lives in the charming house!
I’ve chatted with her on fb with her now and then 
but, hadn’t seen her in years. It was good to catch up!
It’s a small world! 
Then as we start to chat with the owner and she
asks what we are going to do with the windows. 
I tell her we have a shop and we make furniture.
She tells me she has two ETSY shops... 
one for her art and one for vintage baby clothing! 
 A creative connection is made! 
Abby is a young mom choosing to stay home
to raise her son...
creating  her art  when the little one naps! 

Check out Abby’s wonderful works @ 
It is a small world, indeed! 

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