Sunday, September 23, 2012

Junk Bonanza... the second day.

A friend & I made a one day trip to the 
Junk Bonanza on Friday! 
... a 22 hour day! 
But, the eye candy was worth it! 

I didn't get many pictures. I was too busy
taking it all in. I can't imagine all the wonderful 
things that were already on there way to new homes! 

{this piece was from S.A.R.A.
If I would of had the funds, the truck & been
there sooner this is the piece that 
would of come home with me! 
I love cubbies & I love old pine!
The pencil sharpeners are pretty great too!

These beauties were in my friend Cammie
of Daffadowndilly's booth.
They were the most beautiful dress forms I've ever
seen... and she found them all in the same place!
They were also sold to one person... so the girls
stayed together... for now anyway!

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