Friday, May 17, 2013

Vendor Line Up ... #2

Shopkeeper & Friends
Antique & Artisan Outdoor Market
our vendor line up begins...  

Our "Junk Bunch" 
from Lincoln!

They call themselves "junkers"...
it takes a talent to scout out just
the right junk... good junk! 

Heidi of

Have you visited Heidi's shop 
in Lincoln? Heidi and her mom, Pam have 
created a vintage wonderland in 
vintage bungalow home!

Just look at some of the great 
things she's collected! 

She'll be bringing a mix of vintage 
& handcrafted goods! Check out 
Simply Bungalow's blog 
for all that they offer! 


Knock on Wood- by Mae

Fun chalk boards, frames... 

benches and more are 
created by Sheila from 
reclaimed materials.


 Brandon of 

 loves the thrill of the hunt...
of junk!

Just look at this pile of 
wonderful junk... I see
a few things there I'd like!

Brandon's display at
Simply Bungalow's market!
He has an eye for display!
Can't wait to see what 
you're bringing to 
Whistle Stop Brandon! 



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