Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Special Visit...

Yesterday I opened the store especially for a group of Grannies... 
Gallivanting Grannies from the Country Register! 
I wish I would of taken pictures! They were a lot of fun! Marie, 
lives here in NE and is the mother of Country Register's Publisher 
and Art Director, Lolly Konecky. Marie and her friends 
(the Gallevanting Grannies, plus one Granddaughter... a Grannie in training!) 
travel Nebraska visiting small towns and then writing about their 
experiences for a continuing feature in the Country Register Newspaper. 

I have been advertising in the Country Register for many, many years 
and it is the one print ad that I do that I believe really works! 
For small town shops, especially ones that have mixed merchandise 
of a little old, new, handmade it is a great advertising resource! 
I believe they have distribution in most states! If you have a specialty 
shop and are looking for a reasonable way to advertise
check out the Country Register and tell them The Whistle Stop sent ya!

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