Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Late Night Dance...

I had a date tonight(and not a welcomed one!)
with Restless Leg Syndrome.
It's kept me up dancing with the 
keyboard(have to stand to type!),but at least 
I'm getting some work done!

Autumn Open House flyer 
is ready for print! 

Now to get this jerk(RLS)to go away!
Sweet dreams all!


  1. Oh no! My husband suffers with this too. I can't imagine what you all go through. Do you take medicine? He does and it helps most of the time but when it doesn't, it's rough for him.

  2. I do take medicine... forgot to pick it up earlier in the day, got to the pharmacy right before closing and they were already closed! I also take magnesium and thought that it would get me through the night but, no luck! I haven't had it that bad for a long time... didn't sleep all night and because I was tired from no sleep it continued all the next day. I didn't want to take the med's during the day or it would of messed up the whole schedule! Crazy stuff! Made it through though!
    It's awful... hard to explain to people what it's like!

    1. When my husband didn't have his medicine (the pharmacy substituted when they didn't have the right stuff) he didn't sleep all night and dozed off on the way to the farm and took out the neighbors mailbox!! scary!