Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Heart Goes...

Pitter, Patter! 

On the Junk Jaunt trip last week we ran across
this lovely gal! I so wanted to take her home but,
the truck was filled to the brim & my wallet
was penniless! So, I left her behind... but, I 
did get the phone number just in case! 

As fate would have it a customer asked if we
would deliver two of our Rescued Furniture pieces
to a small town near Grand Island. Hmm... I wonder if???

Well, the rest of the story goes like this...

 After a long day yesterday with our Shopkeeper & Friends Market, instead of sleeping in, we were up bright and early again this morning and off to Wood River to deliver furniture!  The upside, besides making customers happy and being appreciative that they want our Rescued Furniture, I found out that this girl was still available and we brought her home!  Not sure if she's a keeper or if she'll be for sale. Either way she'll make an appearance Junkstock! Need to start dreaming of a great display with her. I think I'll name her Ashton... the town she came from! 
Funny, how some things just make your 
heart go pitter, patter! 

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