Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here it is…

… in stone. 

Ta Da… 
Our 2014 event schedule! 

We have had a crazy start to the year, 
which put us behind in making decisions 
for this years events. We are hoping for 
smooth sailing from here on out and hopefully no 
changes will have to be made! But, if they 
do we are good at juggling, improvising 
& riding the waves of the storms! 

And we know you are good
at rolling with the changes of The Whistle Stop! 

So, heres to smooth sailing, 
furniture makin', creative juices flown',
& a good junk huntin',kind of year!

Hope the year will be full of smooth sailing
for you too! … with only a little bit of
wave ridin' if it's just for fun! 

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