Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 plans… for now anyway!

Just like they say in NE… 
wait 10 minutes and the weather will change!
Well, for the "SToP"…
 it's wait a season and the hours will change! 

I will have to say it's a little scary changing to
once a month markets! 

…time to reflect on what's working & what's not!
in life & business!

I admit it… I'm at burnout stage!
After 21 1/2 years in business and since making
it our living, which adds a lot of pressure & 
removes much of the fun & inspiration…
it's time to reflect & make changes & 
bring back the CReAtIviTy!

So, as we start 2015 and making plans for 
The Whistle Stop I will be sharing my thoughts, 
  our changes & wishes & goals here on the blog! 
Under the new heading of

I invite you to drop by for a short read each week
as we work on the goals for life & business.

admittedly this is more for me, than you…
needing something to keep me on track, accountable & moving forward! 
What better way then to put it out to the world!

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