Friday, October 14, 2016

Sorry, The Whistle Stop is closed October 14th...

... I'm slowly recovering from an AWESOME 
week at JUNKSTOCK!
(I say week... because we started set up on Monday! 
And tore up the floor the following Tuesday!)

We will be closed this weekend... Oct. 14th & 15th
as we work on getting the shop filled up again!

Here are a few photos of our booth!
It's amazing to see how much of this is GONE!
Boy, do we have work to do! 
Not to mention the all the everyday catch up!
- A laundry pile almost as big as our tent!
- Book work... the desk is knee deep in paperwork!
- Vacuum... seriously I could make a rug out of the dog hair on the stairs! 
- Whistle Stop... is as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard!
- Workshop... there are no words to explain it... maybe EXPLOSION! 
- Up coming shows & events! ... oh, my am I tired just thinking about it! 

We'll get it done... we always do! 

We're as nuts over JUNKSTOCK as this 
little squirrel is over acorns! 

Can't wait for JUNKSTOCK 2017!

Stay tuned for more pics of Junkstock at 
it's new forever home Sycamore Farms, Waterloo NE. 


  1. Great idea (and work!) to lay down a floor! I hope to get to junk stock again someday...there is always something going on those weekends for us it seems.

    1. Thanks Jill! It was a lot of work... set up and tear down but, oh so worth it! Hope you get out to JS next year! It's a wonderful new farm and it will get better and better!

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