rescued furniture

Rescued Furniture

is furniture
 that has seen better days, kicked to the curb or passed 
down only to only sit in the barn, the garage, the cellar
Until, we rescue it and give it new life with 
an old look so that it may be taken home 
to be used and enjoyed!
 Imperfections and sanded edges add
 to the charm of the piece!

The "mr." is the one with the talent & expertise
to refurbish, repurpose, refinish the furniture!
 Some Rescued Furniture pieces need just 
a little love, as in a coat of paint and his signature finish. 
Some pieces are married with others to create a new
purpose and some are made from scratch using
old doors & windows! 

Here is a sampling of some of the furniture
we've rescued!  

If you are looking for vintage style, repurposed furniture
come visit the store! If you are wanting a custom
piece built we are glad to give you a quote! 

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