Friday, October 23, 2009

Needing some Magic!

there must have been some magic in 
that old silk hat they found..."
I need a magic hat... wonder if Frosty 
would loan me his! ???

 The Whistle Stop's Holiday Open House is
in 12 short days! 
I need his magic hat to work
 a few miracles for me.

 ... to suspend time for just a little while
 ... to warm the temperatures & let the sun shine
 ... to help the creativity flow
 ... to give me energy to burn the midnight oil
... & then get up  in the morning full of energy
... to keep a smile on my face during it all! 

Maybe I"ll  need a few magic hats! 


  1. When you find those magics hats could you PLEASE let me borrow one from you for my tired brain?

  2. You bet! Maybe we could get a deal on "multiples"! Hope your feeling better! Laurie

  3. Can hardly wait for the Open House - it is always so much fun.


  4. Laurie, I have a question for you. Would you email me?
    Jill (from Schuyler)