Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vintage Kitchen Store Give Away... check it out!

Check out the give away at 
She has some adorable things in her
Etsy store!
(last day to enter Oct. 14th)

If I would happen to win
I'd choose the little yellow teapot
with it's winter jacket and would send it on
to a good friend! She has a teapot collection...
not one she started herself or asked for. (lol)
But, this little yellow teapot is the same accent 
color in her kitchen and I think she'd actually use 
this little gem! Now if  "we" win... I wish I could go the 
1600 miles to have a cup of tea with her! 
Any contest out there for airfare!?


  1. What a nice thought! So unselfish for a give-away. Wouldn't it be so great if we could all just meet one day? Have a wonderful week, Dawn

  2. LOL Teapots are such a fun collection - whether started by you or by someone else! You are so nice to send it on if you win! AND to give us the link! :-)

    Isn't my newest love such a find?!!!? Thank You for the link - I'm still in shock, but I'm afraid he's stuck in my house forever! I picked him up for $3.00...can you believe it? LOL

    Thanks For visiting me! ;-)