Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now open Saturdays!

We finally took the plunge and have
decided to be open every Saturday!
Ready or Not... I told customers we 
would be open on the 6th of March.

Well... it was more like "not ready"!
It was so hard for me to open the store
and not have it packed to the rafters 
as we usually do for our events. 
Our customers said they were just 
happy to have us open and are looking 
forward to seeing what treasures we 
will be adding each week!

A taste of Spring!
 As I look at this picture
I can see several things that
have a new home tonight!

I layered this drop leaf table with a quilt
 runner, handmade by my mom,
 checkered tin trays, simple white 
china plates, door knob placecard holders 
and a variety of vintage kitchen items.

It  was one of my favorites!
 I usally have so much product
to display that I can't use the furniture 
like you would use it in your home.
Now there's a positive for not 
having the store stocked full!

A Spring flower basket gives a boost of 
color for all of us who are so
color deprived by this time of year!


  1. Congratulations for opening! I'll bet your customers were so excited. Everything looks great - wish I could come shop. Have a peaceful Sunday afternoon, Dawn

  2. It looks just like the kind of store I would LOVE!!! Best Wishes on your Saturday openings, I know it has been a long winter for you! Lezlee

  3. How has your Saturdays been going? Lezlee