Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Clip Boards...

More projects completed for the shop!
I'm trying to stay motivated
& productive as I awake
from my winter hibernation! 
These old guys were fun & easy 
to do. I wanted some of the old board 
to show so I only took the paper to the
 edge of the clip and left about 3/8" 
around the edge of the board.  

I used a little distressing ink & stickers 
on some... and they are complete.
Use for a note pad for daily lists or
use with a photo of someone you love! 
This way you can change out photos 
easily & often! 

Ahhh... s-t-r-e-t-c-h... yawn...
"Is it Spring yet"?

"Soon old bear... soon!"


  1. This old bear is beginning to get pretty impatient! I'm SOOO tired of winter and we haven't got anything like they have in the far east. Love your clipboards, what a great idea. Keep thinking spring,Dawn

  2. How cool are those!
    Love your blog!

  3. those are great! I have a couple clip boards at home I may have to give it a shot!

  4. Way cute clip boards. It so neat to hear that you stop at the Girl's Back Porch! I just love that. It is such a fun store to be a part of. I hope you can stop by this summer!

  5. I like that you've kept a border, too. Lezlee

  6. I know you are not going to believe it, BUT I actually mailed your snowflake today. Lezlee